Our Favorite Holiday Books for Kids

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All of the magic and wonder and celebration that surrounds the holidays is beautiful, and books are the perfect way to explore all of those special parts of the season.

It can be hard for young kids to understand the abstract parts of the holidays. Most of what we celebrate can’t be held or seen. Books allow us a bridge between the realistic and fantastical and let kids understand things that otherwise are sight unseen.

We hope this variety of books suits every family—whether you focus on the imaginative or whimsical parts of the holiday, there are plenty of options that are accessible to a wide range of kids. Through the characters in these books, your holiday lessons will be just that much easier to impart. And sitting down to read together as a family is always a good tradition, especially as the chaos of the season can be truly overwhelming to kids (and parents!).

Let us know the favorites in your family, and have fun spreading the holiday cheer!

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Pick a Pine Tree

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The Little Reindeer

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Santa Bruce

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Good Night Hanukkah

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Red and Lulu


This article was originally published on November 25, 2019 and has been updated for timelines. 



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