10 of Our Favorite Big-Ticket Holiday Gifts for Kids

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I find it tricky at the holidays to find the right balance between giving my kids a magical, gift-filled season while not adding to the clutter of toys that already makes up their playroom. Of course, there’s more to making the holidays magical than gifts, but there’s no denying so much of the childhood thrill is tearing into beautifully wrapped presents from Santa and family.

That’s why I’m focusing on fewer, bigger-ticket gifts for my 1-year-old and 3-year-old this year—ones that won’t find themselves carelessly tossed aside the first time a newer, shinier object enters their world. We believe in investing in quality pieces that can be used for multiple seasons. If you’re also into the less-is-more approach, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite big-ticket items to consider for holiday gifts this year.

woom bikes

1. woom 2 Bike

My 3-year-old is ready to transition to a big-kid bike, and woom is the perfect bike to grow with him as he improves his technique. woom bikes are not your average kids bikes; they're designed specifically to fit just right and grow with your little one. I know his eyes are going to light up when he sees this bright little bike—and bonus for parents, very little assembly required!

Crate & Kids

2. Large Bean Bag Chair

This comes in five other colors and is truly great for kids who love climbing and jumping all over anything and everything.


3. Wooden Pinball Machine

I can only imagine the hours and hours of entertainment my toddler would get from this pin ball machine that kids can adjust themselves to make new challenges.


4. 4-Piece Foam Climber

If your kids like climbing all over and/or deconstructing your furniture the way mine do, these are a great answer to that.


5. Play Tent

This comes in three other colors/patterns, but the best part is the endless open-ended entertainment it provides. My 1-year-old loves it as much as my 3-year-old.


6. Light Sensory Activity Table

This multifunctional light and sensory sand activity table is unlike any I've seen before. It includes a backlit panel with 20 color options; glows in the dark; and can be used with sand, water, coloring, and other sensory activities.


7. AirFort Play Tent

This is a big WOW item for kids that thankfully stores in an itty bitty bag. Just make sure you have or purchase a box fan or 18" table top fan separately so they can use it right away.

Pottery Barn Kids

8. Chelsea All-in-1 Play Kitchen

This kitchen is truly more beautiful than my actual kitchen. It also comes in white, pink and black.


9. Montessori Helper Tower

This helper tower also comes in white, and you can add personalization. Unlike some other helper towers, this one can be transformed into a table with chairs and comes with a chalkboard for drawing.


10. Deluxe Bouncehouse

We splurged on one of these as a big-ticket birthday gift this summer, and I can 100 percent say it was worth it. And for winter? We'll be putting this in our basement.

This post was in partnership with woom bikes but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.


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