The Best Home Organizing Items You Can Buy on Etsy

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etsy home organizing

Having an organized home brings me joy. Seeing things in their assigned spot, cleaned up, and in place makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Sure, the act of clearing everything out, sorting through it, and putting it all back can be time-consuming. But once it’s done and I step back knowing where everything is without fumbling or stumbling over it? Well, for me, it’s a feeling that’s hard to beat.

Clutter and disorganization don’t get under my skin because I’m borderline Type-A. It’s because I’d rather take the time now to create a space for things my family uses often than to rush at 7 a.m. because I can’t find my son’s favorite stuffed animal or my husband’s wallet. The silly quote, “a place for everything and everything in its place,” really does help my household run more smoothly. 

So, I’m just going to admit a perfect Saturday for me would be perusing the aisles of The Container Store with a hot almond milk latte in my hands. But I haven’t been able to make that a reality in quite some time. And while big store brands have a lot of great options, I’ve made a conscious choice to shop with and support smaller businesses if I can.

If you’re looking for a few unique home organizing items this year, here are some of my favorites from Etsy small businesses.


Kitchen Spaces

spice jar
The Muted Home

Spice Jar Set (18-Count)

You can kiss cabinets full of jumbled spices goodbye with this set of 18 chic minimalist spice jars.

Madim Home Decor

Ceramic Berry Baskets (4-Count)

Whether they're in your fridge or used for serving, these adorable ceramic berry baskets will take up less space and spice up your kitchen aesthetic.


Magnetic Knife Block Rack

A clunky knife block takes up a ton of counter space and gets easily unorganized—a magnetic strip like this one is simple, practical, and looks way cooler, too. Just make sure little hands can't reach them.

Port Living Co. Concrete

Handmade Utensil Holder

Messy drawers full of spatulas and whisks are out, and cute holders to keep everything super accessible are in.

3 colors available.


WS Wooden Rack

Wall Mount Magazine Holder

This sleek wall rack will help keep your chaotic piles of People and Town & Country issues in check.

multiple colors available

JBird Artisan Concrete

Concrete Toothbrush Holder

A simple holder like this one will keep loose toothpaste tubes and rogue toothbrushes from dirtying up your counter space.

9 colors available

Reddoors Rustic

Mason Jar Wall Organizer

Speaking of counter space, bathrooms usually don't have a ton of it—so utilizing wall space is a great option to keep all your toiletries tidy.

multiple wood finishes available

Sharon M For The Home

Bath Tray with Tablet Holder

Ditch the risk of dropping your fav book and/or glass of wine in the tub with a tray like this one to make a bath as relaxing as it should be.

Living Spaces

blanket basket
Little Hippo Shop

Blanket Basket

You can only have so many blankets folded on the couch at a time before things feel too crowded, you know? Cute baskets like these ones won't give you an eye sore and stops the clutter.

Max And Stella NY

Couch Caddy

Truly the question of a lifetime: "Where's the remote?" This couch pocket gives it a designated spot, and can hold any other easy to lose items like phones, chargers, etc.

Light The Lamp Shop

Leather Sling Firewood Holder

Firewood isn't exactly the prettiest, cleanest thing to have laying around, so a chic holder like this leather one is a 10/10 option.

Raven Studio Crafts

Rattan Woven Ottoman Storage Basket

Whether it's games, extra extension chords, or other miscellaneous things that just make sense to keep in the living room, cute baskets to keep everything in check is key.

Kids Spaces

Jack And Family

Custom Toy Box

There's no pain quite like stepping barefoot on a plastic doll or Lego piece, so keep the floors clear with a cute, totally customizable basket like this one.

hanging baskets
Kellys Handmade GR

Wall Hanging Storage Baskets

Perfect for hats, scarfs, miscellaneous accessories and more, these handmade hanging baskets are a pretty way to keep everything organized.

Ewart Woods

Kids Dress Up Clothing Rack

Having a mini clothing rack for all your little one's dress up clothes not only keeps things cleaner, but it's is also just super adorable.

Highland Design Co

Personalized Book Box

If you want to keep books neat and in one place, but don't want to commit to an entire bookshelf, a book box is definitely the way to go.

2 colors available

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