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This Mom-of-Three’s Arizona Home Includes the Perfect Mix of Organization and Style


Despite being a busy mom to three young girls, Mika Perry maintains one of the most stylish and organized homes we’ve ever seen. So, how does she do it? For starters, the blogger, entrepreneur, and podcast host has a professional organizing background and a keen eye for designing perfectly functional spaces for families. And when she and her husband, Russ, were building their own semi-custom Arizona abode, the Perrys made sure each room served their family’s specific needs and the spaces also aligned with their clean, comfortable, timeless, and traditional aesthetic.

From the dreamiest kitchen pantry and a wonderfully colorful homework space for the kids, to a gorgeously organized bath and a place for everything in the girls’ bedroom closet, every inch of Mika’s home is seriously Pinterest-worthy. Just wait until you see the rest!

Keep scrolling to read Mika’s expert advice for keeping kids’ areas tidy throughout the home, her tips for traveling with little ones, and why she’d love to have lunch with Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.


Name: Mika Perry, Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Podcast Host
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Sq. Ft.: 3,900
Years Lived In: 2
Rent or Own: Own
Children:  Maddix, 13, Reese, 7, and Paige, 3


What was your first job and how did you land it?


It was when I was 16 at the Gap at the local mall. I walked in, asked for the manager, and she hired me! 






We are absolutely loving your podcast Good to be Home! What is it like to work professionally with your husband, Russ?


Thank you! We really have a lot of fun doing it. It started as a passion project, and we weren’t exactly sure where it was going to go — we just wanted to do it. I think that’s often how good things start. We love that it is a chance for us to spend time together during the week, and we always say that no matter what happens in the future of the podcast — one of the best things is that we are leaving our kids a collection and legacy of audio recordings of their Mom and Dad.


You and Russ decided to build your home last July. What was the greatest reward of building from the ground up and what was the biggest challenge you faced?


I loved that everything was new and that we could pick out the finishes and structural elements. It was a semi-custom home, so that was a great entry-point for us because we were new to the experience. The biggest challenge was also the fact that we were first-time home builders. There were things we noticed or found out about afterward that we wish we would have thought of or changed, but we just didn’t know. We eventually want to build a fully custom home, so this gave us great practice.






Where did you draw inspiration from while designing your home?


I used to work in beautiful luxury homes organizing for clients, so I often took mental notes of things I noticed and liked. It was great because I was able to see so many different styles of homes get a feel for how they functioned. I also think Instagram has become a wonderful resource for home design and decor. There are so many amazing designers and content creators sharing some great inspiration.


How would you describe your design style?


I would say clean, comfortable, a bit traditional, and timeless.






With your experience as a professional organizer and working mother, what are your favorite hacks to keeping kids’ spaces tidy?


I have so many! To start, I would say to pick just one drawer or cabinet. It can be overwhelming to think about re-organizing your entire house, so just start with one little space, whether that’s your kids’ books or their art supplies or a homework station in your kitchen or playroom. Once you feel accomplished in that area, it will get the ball rolling and give you the practice and confidence you need to keep going into other areas of your home. 

Second, I would say to create systems that really work for you, your kids, and your space. Think about what they use and play with the most and make cleaning up as easy as possible! I do this by making sure everything has a home, and I ensure that home is labeled so everyone knows exactly where everything belongs. And remember that organizing just doesn’t happen. You do have to put some work into it, just like anything worthwhile that improves your life. But the good news is that whatever effort you put in will leave you in a better place than before.

Finally, my personal hack that I continue to use is to keep toys to a minimum. I find that my kids naturally play specifically with one category of toys the most (youngest is the play kitchen and play food; my middle is Barbies; my oldest now is books), so I keep all other types of toys minimal if I do keep any at all. Just like grownups, kids can also get overwhelmed by too much physical stuff around them, so seek ways you can create a more calming and easy space for them to play in.






You and your family were just in London! What advice would you give to parents who want to travel with young children?


Go for it! Sure, there are challenges that come with travel (and your patience will be tested), but the earlier you can start practicing the better. Paige has now traveled internationally for three summers, and she is 3, and she is our best, most well-adjusted traveler of the family. She is a pro at going through airport security!


As a mother, wife, podcaster, blogger, and influencer, how do you manage your time to find a healthy work-life balance?


That’s what our podcast is all about! To me, “balance” means that regardless of what pulls you in different directions, you know what your “center” is, and you know how to get back there. It’s not the ability to do everything at all times and do it all perfectly. That is a one-way ticket to burnout, and I know because I have been there! In fact, organization as a whole is NOT about perfection — it’s about being prepared. That’s why I am all about routines because they ensure that I am actively practicing habits that keep me feeling happy, calm, healthy, and prepared. When I have my routines in place, they actually give me more freedom and time for everything else in my life (including the spontaneous things that always pop up!) because I know the important things have already been checked off.






What does a day in the life of Mika Perry look like?


I wake up at 5am to give myself time before the kids wake up. This gives me time and space to meditate, pray, gather my thoughts, and drink my coffee in peace! I open all the blinds, turn on music, and get the diffusers going to create a peaceful atmosphere (and to help me wake up a bit).

Every day looks a little different, but during the school year, I get my girl’s ready for school, out the door, and drop each of them off at different schools.

Many days, I’ll take a workout class (right now I’m loving Pilates) around 8am. Then, I dive into my workday! This looks different every day but involves lots of emails, Instagram posts, and working on a few different projects I have in the works! We also record a podcast episode every Wednesday.

Around 3:30pm, I head to pick up my girls.

Once we’re back home, I’ll help them with homework and start getting dinner ready, most of which I’ve already prepped (I meal prep everything every Sunday!). Once dinner is over, we’ll have some family time, and I get them ready for bed.

This is when I start my night routine which includes washing my face, setting up my coffee and lemon water for the next morning, reading, etc. Usually, I’m in bed and asleep by 10pm and ready to do it all over again the next morning!






How has parenting helped your relationship with Russ evolve?


Our oldest is actually my stepdaughter, and we got married when she was 3. So, we have been parents since the beginning of our relationship — we don’t know any different! Parenting definitely has its challenges, but it’s also so rewarding.  We communicate about everything. I think we learned quickly that communication really is key when it comes to parenting. Setting expectations and making sure you’re on the same page is so important.


If you had to pick just one, what has been your favorite memory of motherhood so far?


It’s a continuous thing where I find myself looking at their faces, and I am always reminded of seeing that face the day they were born and we met for the first time. I still see that little baby in their faces now, and I am amazed at how much they have grown and can do now.






What advice would you give to your 22-year-old self?


Be confident, worry less, and go for the things that make you happy. 


Mika Perry is The Everymom…

Favorite date night? Lately, we’ve loved choosing an active date-night! We’ll book a workout class, go on a hike, or do something healthy and rejuvenating.

I wish I knew how to… sing! I’m not good, but I still sing to my kids. They are my only fans 🙂

Biggest mom fail? Forgetting things — which is all the more reason why I am all about routines being in place.

Guilty pleasure? I love reading home decor and food magazines! I save them for when I go on trips and buy them at the airport and savor them.



Dream vacation? Going on a yacht anywhere with crystal blue waters. I am so happy when I am by an ocean. 

Ideal way to spend a Saturday? Might sound boring, but just a good, simple day is always the best. Kids’ activities, family time, getting things prepped for the week ahead, playing in the pool, and ending it with a dinner outside in the backyard with a great sunset. 

Favorite Instagram account to follow? Ina Garten. She is iconic and effortless and fabulous. She just puts up a summer tomato tart or a simple roast chicken on her feed and reminds us all to not worry so much and truly enjoy the simple things in life.

App you can’t live without? My phone’s camera app. I love documenting our life and being creative through photos.

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and why? Meghan Markle because of her poise, grace, style, and drive, and I am pretty sure we could be best friends.