An Easy Guide to Becoming a Vegan Mom

vegan mom

Veganism may sound difficult, but it’s more attainable than you might think. This past summer, I experimented with plant-based meat, vegan cheese, and loads of seasonal fruits and veggies. It was life changing—I felt healthier and more energized. You’d catch me going to the gym multiple times throughout the week, waking up earlier during the day, and doing more activities throughout my town. I also felt creative. The amount of fun I’d have in the kitchen crafting and following recipes was unmatched.

Cooking an all-new diet for an entire family is a different story, though. When you’ve found your child’s favorite snacks or your significant other just won’t budge on their favorite meals, it may be difficult to make the switch. That doesn’t mean you should quit.

Here are five tips (and five recipes!) to jumpstart your vegan-ish journey.


1. It’s All About the Basics

Tabitha Brown, a popular vegan lifestyle blogger and owner of Kale My Name, said it best: Vegan eating starts with the basics! Too many times, we automatically turn to plant-based options rather than looking at the fruits and veggies in front of us. Research in-season staples and get creative. From spaghetti squash, beets, and broccolini to Brussels sprouts and cabbage, there are tons of options to alter your routine.


2. Save Inspiration on Social Media

Mood boards can help you visualize a life you want, which is why I’m partial to Pinterest as the most effective (and most fun) way to create my own. If you’d like to try, find an array of bloggers with plant-based meal pins and unique ways to revamp your current favorites. By saving your favorites, you’ll never miss a beat with trying something new. Another great advantage of Pinterest is finding kid-friendly alternatives to the meals you’d like to make for yourself. Here are a few of my favorites!


Kale Pasta with Mushrooms and Pine Nuts


Trader Joe’s Air Fryer Cauliflower Gnocchi


3. It’s Supposed to Be Fun, So Have Fun

In times where you feel flustered or irritable, remember that this, like everything else in life, is an experiment. If you accidentally eat meat or purposely eat dairy, it’s not the end of the world. Think of your healthy eating as a hobby rather than a strict diet. Be open to trying different types of mushrooms, grains, tofu, or lentils to add texture to your meals. Some fun activities with kids can be having them choose the fruit, veggie, or protein of the day. Involving them in the process will make the creativity on your end a lot lighter. Here are a few vegan spins on traditional meat-based recipes.


Chili Cheese Fries


Vegan Tortilla Mushroom and “Mozzarella Cream” Pizza


Chickpea Pumpkin Coconut Curry

vegan chickpea curry

Source: Emilie Eats


4. Veganism Is a Lifestyle, Too

There will be plenty of times where your newfound way of eating may become difficult, especially during the holiday seasons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t support companies that advocate for healthy living, better treatment of animals, and safer consumption for all. It’s a great source of education for the entire family: to enlighten your kids, find kid-friendly documentaries, visit local farms, and learn about vegan culture together.


5. Compromise Is Part of Life

Even though you may be successfully hitting your goals with vegan eating and living, there may be others in your household who might be struggling. Compromise with providing meat-based alternatives on occasion or advocating for cheat days. Encourage them to eat the vegan meals but always be open to discussing an alternative.

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