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5 Ways to Style Leggings for Everyday Mom Uniform Outfits


If you’re sporting workout leggings as part of your daily mom-uniform, know you’re not alone. And even if you have zero plans to actually work out in those workout leggings, that’s cool too.

Plenty of mom-moves require comfort and flexibility. It’s no wonder you’re more likely to reach for a pair of leggings over jeans when getting ready in the morning. Maybe you’re not at the gym, but do you realize how many squats you do picking up your kid and their toys? And while you could be at the gym lifting weights, you’re instead lifting a giant toddler.

The good news is that leggings can be styled to fit your daily look; no one will even realize those leggings were originally made for the gym.

Here are 5 outfits that will give your leggings a fresh, pulled-together look for everyday life.

sweatshirt / leggings / coat / shoes / sunglasses

sweater / tank top / leggings / coat / headbandshoes

sweatshirt / leggings / backpack / sneakers

sweater / leggings / jean jacket / tote / sneakers

sweater / leggings / hair clips / coat / shoes


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