Grandparents Asking for Kid Gift Ideas? Send Them This List

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When I was a novice mom years ago, I was at a peak disorganized and overwhelmed state. I blamed sleep deprivation for my house being a disaster and regularly forgetting important dates and deadlines. At the time, when my child’s grandparents would ask me for gift ideas for my baby during the holidays and his first birthday, I would trip on my words and suggest anything that popped into my mind. My brain felt like mush, and I was drowning as a first-time mommy. 

One birthday, my son ended up getting three copies of Goodnight Moon because I forgot I had suggested this gift to my parents, my sister, and my in-laws! That year, my son enjoyed reading that book on repeat! Although years later I don’t feel like I have this whole parenting thing completely down, I do feel better prepared when my sons’ grandparents ask me for gift ideas. Throughout the year, I create a private list of items when they come to mind so that when a gifting season arises I can simply share my boys’ wish lists with them with a click of a button. 

But because life tends to be busy and scouring the internet can be all-consuming, we’ve curated a wish list you can easily give your parents and in-laws when they ask for creative gift ideas for your children. This way, you can avoid your child getting three copies of the same book and instead receive the gifts you know your little ones will enjoy. 

Read on for kid gift ideas you can give to their doting grandparents. Then, save this page and send it to them when the timing is right!


Gifts for Grandkids Under $50

Melissa & Doug

200 Piece Wood Blocks Set

With this set of 200 colorful blocks, your little builder can design and build the tallest towers and then knock them down to rebuild them with a new unique design.

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Jimmy Fallon

Nana Loves You More

This heartwarming book—part of the series written by talk show host and best-selling author Jimmy Fallon—goes into creative detail to capture the endless love between grandma and grandchild.

Melissa & Doug

Magnetic Car Loader

For the child that likes all things that “go,” this car set can inspire imaginative play when your little tow truck drivers haul their cool looking vehicles using a magnetic arm. Then, your little mechanics can make the necessary repairs and send the cars zooming to their destination.

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Marianne Richmond

Grandpa Loves Me!

Grandpas love their grandchildren in many unique ways, and this sweet book captures many of them with endearing metaphors your little one will surely adore.

Etsy | Lillie Dimple Designs

Grandma & Me Matching Shirts

Nothing screams “cute” more than grandma and grandchild wearing matching tees! This gift is a two-fer with grandma and grandchild both getting a special something. Make sure to capture the moment on your camera as they look adorable in their matching shirts.

dot magazine
Dot Magazine

1-Year Subscription

Have the grandparents give the gift of learning which keeps on giving all year long–a kids magazine subscription! Created for children 5 years and younger, this quarterly magazine contains stories of whimsical fun infused with age-appropriate learning content.

Melissa & Doug

Created By Me! Bead Bouquet Wooden Bead Kit

Inspire some bonding time between grandparents and grandchild by creating personalized colorful jewelry with this wooden bead kit. Perhaps one of the pieces they co-create can be given to the parents as a gift!

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Claire Freedman

My Grandparents Love Me

An ode to those special moments shared between grandparents and grandchildren, this book celebrates this loving bond that knows no bounds.

Gifts for Grandkids Over $50

Melissa & Doug

Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter

Have your kids prepare their grandparents’ favorite ice cream with this delicious ice cream pretend play set guaranteed to satisfy their sweet tooth!

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Melissa & Doug

Blues Clues & You! Blue’s House Play Tent

Have the grandchildren take the fort to a whole other level with this cheerful play tent featuring mesh windows (to enjoy some fresh air!) and a functioning mailbox that opens with a flap. The kids can invite grandma and grandpa into their imaginative world of make believe.

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Micro Scooter

Have the grandparents splurge a little by suggesting they give your littles this micro scooter that will encourage some outdoor racing excitement. This scooter comes in nine dynamic colors. 

Melissa & Doug

Giraffe Giant Stuffed Animal

Grandparents are the best because they give the most tender gifts. The grandkids will fall in love with this giant-sized giraffe they can cuddle when they miss their grandparents.

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Etsy | New River Natural Store

Child’s Porch Swing

There is something so pure and delightful about an outdoor swing on a breezy spring day. The grandparents can give their grandkids a lovely addition to their yard that will bring many giggles with each swing.

Melissa & Doug

Peg 6-Puzzle Set

Not only do puzzles provide excellent fine motor skills practice, they also give your child problem-solving opportunities with each piece they put together. This set of six wooden-peg puzzles includes the alphabet, numbers, farm animals, and hours and hours of joyful puzzle making!

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