10 Kids Books By BIPOC Authors I’m Adding to My Son’s Home Library

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kids books by bipoc authors
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I’ve always dreamed of having a home library ever since I fell in love with books at a young age. The more my book collection grew throughout the years, the more I decided it would be important for my children to have their own as well. My toddler has shown interest in books since he was 5 months old. Instead of biting his soft and hardback books, he seemed to love looking at the illustrations on the pages and turning them. I especially love that he will bring me one of his favorite books from his Winnie the Pooh collection to read together.

Now that my son is getting older, his father and I have been thinking about how to introduce him to more BIPOC authors. The more my son reads, the more his imagination and level of acceptance can grow. It’s why I believe it’s never too early to start introducing children to books or the world around them since they live in it. With him being of African American and Dominican descent, it’s important to us that he understands, respects, and appreciates how diverse the world is. Not only that, but we also want to make sure our son learns to be proud of his heritage since his father and I were raised in the same manner. 

To help, here are 10 kids books by BIPOC authors I’m excited to add to his library.

I affirm me book
Nyasha Williams

I Affirm Me: The ABCs of Inspiration for Black Kids

My son's grandmother introduced this cute book to me. It features illustrations that uplift Black children and shows them in a variety of scenarios.

diversity children's book
Latashia M Perry

Skin Like Mine

Celebrating that we come in a variety of skin hues, this book seeks to introduce young readers to the diversity in the world. I especially love that it encourages friendships regardless of background.

indigenous children's book
Carole Lindstrom

We Are Water Protectors

This heartfelt book touches on having respect for the world we inhabit and its natural resources. What's even better is that it is a nod to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests that began in 2016.

indigenous children's book
Tasha Spillett-Sumner

I Sang You Down from the Stars

Created by Indigenous author and illustrator Tasha Spillett-Sumner, this book weaves an intricate tale of a mother who lovingly prepares for the arrival of her newborn.

empathy and compassion children's book

Kindness is my Superpower: A Children’s Book About Empathy, Kindness, and Compassion

We could all use more compassion and kindness in the world, and main character Lucas is here to help teach our little ones all about them.

mija children's book
Shola Oz

I Am Whole: A Multiracial Children’s Book Celebrating Language, Race, and Culture

This book celebrates children who have a mixed heritage. It celebrates being from two different backgrounds and serves as an affirmation through beautiful words as well as illustrations.

asian American children's book
Yobe QIU

Asian Adventures A-Z!

Taking readers through the various cultures that can be found in Asia, this book helps introduce young readers to the beautiful continent.

Dominican children's book
Junot Diaz


Written by Dominian author Junot Diaz, this beautiful book shows how main character Lola remembers her island through the tales of her beloved family members. I especially love that the book highlights where my son's father originates from.

children's book
Yamile Saied Méndez

Where Are You From?

Sometimes, being asked, "where are you from?" isn't as simple as we think. This book paints a beautiful tale of all of the things that can make a person who they are.

black children's book
Trish Cooke

Full, Full, Full of Love

Last but not least, this book was gifted to my son for his first birthday. It invokes nostalgia for those Sunday afternoon dinners at grandma's house and the way families come together to eat.

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