This Kids Subscription Box Is the MVP of My Family’s Summers—Here’s Why

This post was in partnership with KiwiCo but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

After over a year of pandemic parenting, who else has run out of ideas for how to entertain the kids at home? During the first week or two of the shutdown last spring, my energy was high. I had daily schedules, printed worksheets, planned movement breaks… and, of course, allowed extra screen time. As our new reality sank in, though, that energy dipped way low.

Now as I find myself on the cusp of summer and a change to our daily schedules again, I need new ideas to keep my kids entertained and engaged—stat! Enter KiwiCo’s subscription boxes—AKA “crates.” KiwiCo crates were originally imagined by a fellow mom who realized the creativity (and supplies) needed to find engaging activities for her kids was not realistic for most parents. For anyone who’s Googled “how do I keep my toddler entertained?” or “easy crafts for kids” or “kid science experiment no mess,” KiwiCo has a perfect crate option.

This summer, my kids have some sports and camps lined up, but without the more structured learning of school, I don’t want them to fall victim to the “summer slide” (loss of learning over summer break). Having KiwiCo crates as part of our summer plans means I have learning activities at the ready for a rainy day—or any day. Here are a few more reasons why I’m adding a KiwiCo subscription to our family’s summer activity plans.


girl playing with kiwico activity crate

kiwico activity crate


My Kids Are Learning By Playing

Science is a favorite subject for both my kids and they love doing “experiments.” But all I’ve got for them is the old baking soda and vinegar volcano trick. KiwiCo, on the other hand, employs a team of educators, makers, engineers, and rocket scientists (yes, actual rocket scientists) to develop their activity crates. Since I’m none of the above, I’m happy to outsource finding STEM/STEAM learning activities to these experts. Especially because I know each crate is developmentally appropriate for my kids’ ages. What excites my 8-year-old is different than what’s best for my 5-year-old.

Plus you don’t have to wonder whether your child will have fun while learning—KiwiCo has a community of kid-testers who “approve” each crate before they end up at your home.


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Activity Subscription Crate

The monthly KiwiCo crate subscription is perfect for summer break, delivering STEM/STEAM activities tailored to your kids' ages right to your door.


Professions Starter Kit (3-Pack)

My 8-year-old is obsessed with animals—from the stuffed to the wild—and she's passionately set on being the next Jane Goodall. I want to encourage her curiosity and interests, so I love that KiwiCo just released new Professions Starter Kit crates. She'll claim the Vet crate and my younger daughter can choose from the other two cool jobs: Astronaut or Paleontologist.


No Searching or Shopping for Supplies

Sure there are plenty of crafts you can make with a toilet paper roll, but one benefit of KiwiCo crates is the variety of activities delivered right to your door. No squeezing in an extra shopping trip to the craft store, no endless searching on Pinterest for ideas that might end up being too complicated (or too messy).

My kids perk up at the arrival of their KiwiCo crates in the same way I do when my Target online order arrives. They can’t wait to open them! Every KiwiCo crate comes with supplies, kid (and parent) friendly directions, supplemental learning materials, and more.


girl playing with kiwico activity crate

girl playing with kiwico activity crate


They Offer Online Summer Camp On Demand

For kids ages 3 and up, KiwiCo offers five days of free learning fun through their online Camp Kiwi program. Each day is centered around a STEM theme, with videos, DIY activities, printables, and more. You can order boxes that complement the camp or just follow along. Plus, they’re on-demand, so you can plan on days that work for your family, like a rainy Saturday or when the babysitter calls in sick. 


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Summer Camp

Camp KiwiCo officially launches June 21 and families can watch whenever is convenient. Plus, you can order hands-on projects perfect for summer. Order anywhere from 1-5 boxes to have on hand for summer.


We Can Learn Something Together

For me, seeing my kids light up they’ve discovered or created something is a motherhood highlight. Part of KiwiCo‘s mission is to make it fun and easy for families to spend time together while building, exploring, and creating. You’ll find this focus on family woven throughout their activity crates. Their directions include tips for parents and easy-to-follow directions with pointers where adults should help. They even include crate supplies to minimize messes (clearly, they’ve got us parents in mind). Plus, I often find I’m learning right alongside my kids.


We Even Save the Boxes

Not only do many of the activity materials live beyond the day, but we also reuse the boxes themselves for toy storage, craft organization, imaginary play (i.e., stuffed animal beds or fairy houses), and more. No part of the activity crate is wasted.


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This post was in partnership with KiwiCo but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.