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6 Home Styling Tips We Learned From Nancy Meyers

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Nancy Meyers’ films are a vacation for the soul, particularly when your entire travel budget is the equivalent of a movie rental and a bottle of wine. Filled with light-hearted dialogue (revolving around first world problems, for sure), romance, an outstanding soundtrack, and above all: beautiful, jaw-dropping interiors. There’s nearly nowhere else I’d rather be on a Friday night than a Nancy Meyers’ kitchen.



Beyond being gorgeous, Nancy Meyers’ set designs also feel entirely personal to the characters. They’re lived-in, considered, and the absolute ideal depiction of home while somehow still feeling–dare I say—attainable. If I ever get my act together and maintain a Sunday cleaning routine and stop eating chocolate bars on my white sofa, I have no doubt that my home, too, could be confused for a Nancy Meyers’ set.



Ahead, I’ve rounded up the top six home styling tips I’ve learned from consuming an embarrassing amount of Nancys’ movies.


1. White slipcovers are everything

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group

White, slipcovered furniture: a timeless choice that will never (ever) steer you wrong. Just look at Amanda Woods’ home from The Holiday! It’s impossible to decipher if this movie was shot in 2006 or 2020. To balance out the white slipcovers, we love the way Nancy brought in charcoal pillows and accent chairs for contrast and interest. The black accents keep the room feeling grounded and modern, while the greenery on the table adds texture and a hint of color.


2. Luxury is all in the details

Source: Universal Pictures

I’ve waited my whole life for an uninterrupted moment to talk about this kitchen. Since Meryl Streep’s character in It’s Complicated is actually undergoing a home addition and building a new kitchen in the film (again, first world problems), it makes sense that Nancy and Co. tried to find ways to make this kitchen feel like it had room for improvement, while still being drop-dead gorgeous. There’s actually only a handful of traditionally built-in cabinets, supplemented with skirted kitchen cabinetry, movable furniture, and open shelving. Rather than an entire kitchen of custom cabinets and high-end countertops, it’s really the details that make this space feel so special, like the oversized pendant lights and freestanding marble island (I love this one as a dupe).


3. Aim for collected, not decorated

I do credit this exact living room for my obsession with English Country interiors. Iris’ home from The Holiday strikes that absolute perfect balance between curated and cluttered and manages to feel collected rather than contrived. The two sitting chairs and couch each look like they were purchased on separate occasions. I can just picture Iris rummaging through the antique shops or her grandparent’s basement waiting to stumble upon a treasure.


4. You absolutely can put a desk in the bedroom

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

Prior to seeing Erica Barry take on the world as a highly-acclaimed playwright in Something’s Gotta Give, I probably would have nixed the idea of putting a desk in the bedroom. Office spaces can inherently feel a bit sterile thanks to most hard surfaces and a lack of upholstery, but not on Nancy’s watch! Yes, this is a ginormous room that most of us probably don’t have, but the basic idea is still attainable. A desk perched by the window and just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a warm bed instantly makes work feel a little less cold and a little more cozy.


5. Classic doesn’t mean boring

Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

This beach house living room from Something’s Gotta Give oozes classic style. Blue and white accents, striped patterns, English roll arm sofas, and espresso wood tables don’t exactly spell quirky or eclectic, but the mix of textures and patterns keeps the space feeling interesting and full of life. To recreate this look, mix florals and stripes while keeping the color palette consistent, and add a dose of extra color and personality with a large-scale painting.


6. Juxtaposition is key

In Nancy Meyers’ movie, The Intern, she plays with a slightly more modern style than we’re used to seeing from her. In an unexpected twist, she layers in modern pieces with an industrial edge—like the barstools and pendant lights—to Jules Ostin’s historic Brooklyn brownstone. When paired against traditional details like the marble fireplace and patterned wood floors, Nancy creates effortless juxtaposition, which ultimately produces a space that feels just as timeless as her more traditional designs.



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This article was originally published on The Everygirl on July 8, 2020.