10 Books We’re Excited to Add to Our Kids’ Bookshelves This Summer

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Summertime and reading just go together. Whether you’re a kid doing your library’s summer reading challenge or a mom giving yourself a break to dive into a good page-turner. With summer approaching, it feels like the right time to consider adding new kid’s books to your library list or your home collection.

Which is why we rounded up ten of our favorite kid’s books that are new this spring and summer. From #OwnVoices books celebrating a diversity of experiences to playful and colorful new releases with important lessons (from some authors you might recognize). Plus, we love how all the covers would be fun and bright additions to any child’s playroom or bedroom bookshelf.

Read on for 10 of our favorite new kid’s books to add to your family’s reading list this summer.


1. Oddbird

Derek Desierto—illustrator of another favorite book series Juno Valentine—debuts as author and illustrator in this colorful picture book about the beauty of being yourself. Not surprisingly, the illustrations are fun and bright, with valuable lessons all parents hope to instill in our kids, like being kind and celebrating our differences.




2. Zonia’s Rain Forest

For fans of Alma and How She Got Her Name Martinez-Neal is back with a beautifully illustrated story following curious Zonia through the Peruvian rainforest.



Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson

3. Milo Imagines the World

The same duo who wrote the awarded Last Stop on Market Street are out with a new book. In this story, we follow Milo on a bus ride with his sister as he imagines the lives of the other riders. But he soon realizes we can't know everything about someone just by looking at them.

Cleo Wade and Lucie de Moyencourt

4. What the Road Said

Celebrated poet and activist Cleo Wade brings her encouraging words to kids in this uplifting picture book.

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and Roza Nozari

5. Little People, Big Dreams Mindy Kaling

Combine one of our favorite kid's book series with one of our favorite funny moms, and this Little People, Big Dreams biography of Mindy Kaling feels like a must-buy.

Pre-order now for its July release.

Bianca Gómez

6. Bird House

This sweet story about loving and letting it go also works in a lesson on respecting nature as a grandmother and grandchild find an injured bird and nurse it back to health.

Jacob Grant

7. No Pants

Little Pablo's dad is helping him get ready for the family cookout, but Pablo doesn't want to wear pants. A hilarious and relatable story for parents, this one is great to add to your Father's Day gift list.

Dawn Masi

8. G My Name Is Girl: A Song of Celebration from Argentina to Zambia

Author Dawn Masi's gorgeous illustrations complement this lyrical story—and alphabet lesson—as they follow girls around the world.

Rick DeLucco

9. A Little Book About Bravery

From the company addressing the tough topics like racism, gender-identity, anxiety, and more in their "A Kids Book About" series, comes a new board book collection for younger kids. The new series launches this summer covering topics like sharing, family, fear, and bravery.

Pre-order now!

Ruth Forman and Geneva Bowers

10. Glow Board Book

The newest addition to Forman's collection of board books promoting self-love in Children of Color, Glow follows a young boy who celebrates his dark skin with a bright moon at the end of a perfect summer day.

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This post was in partnership with Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.