5 Nursing-Friendly Outfits for Your New Mom Outings This Winter

While pregnant, I stocked up on much-needed maternity wear to get me through the many months with my growing bump. I didn’t give my post-due-date wardrobe much thought. Even though I knew my old clothes wouldn’t fit as soon as the baby was out, I secretly hoped I’d bounce back and my former wardrobe would instantly be back in play.

Spoiler alert: that didn’t happen.

Not only did the majority of my pre-baby clothes not fit, the items that did fit weren’t exactly nursing friendly. I quickly realized I’d need to make some strategic purchases. I wanted to feel stylish as I moved into my new mom life. I also didn’t want to flash crowds of people while nursing in public (but if I did flash people, that’s fine tooI’m feeding my baby!).

The first few weeks of motherhood consisted of sitting on the couch in my maternity clothes (or just a robe), nursing around the clock. Eventually though, I was ready to pack away my well-worn maternity items and get myself together. Even if my old clothes didn’t fit, I was ready to feel more like myself.

Whether you’re headed out to a new mom group or mommy and me yoga and your baby is joining the party, you’ll want items that are easy to nurse in. That doesn’t mean you can only shop in the maternity/nursing section of stores. Once you find your nursing groove, you’ll quickly learn what items are conducive to nursing while out and about.

Here are five easy, nursing-friendly outfits for all of your new-mom outings this winter.


Casual brunch with friends

Most activities fit into the “casual” category during the first few months with baby. Even though it’s casual and comfortable, you can still be on-trend and feel put together.

Relaxing at home and entertaining visitors

By “entertaining visitors” I, of course, mean having people over and hoping they do the dishes or take the dog on a walk.

Mom friend meetup

New mom meetups are a must. It gets you out of the house and allows you to connect with other women going through the same struggles and successes that you are. Seeking out potential new friends can be intimidating, and it helps to dress in a way that makes you feel confident.

A “night” out

A night out on the town isn’t exactly what it used to be, especially while nursing. A night out might mean a 5pm dinner with your new little family and home to put baby down by 7pm. But hey, it’s still a fun excuse to get a little dressed up!

Mommy and me yoga class

Finding time to work out while nursing isn’t the easiest, so mommy and me workouts are a great option. Baby can join in on the fun, and you can nurse mid-Vinyasa flow if need-be.


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