Plus-Size Maternity Clothes That Won’t Break the Budget

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When I found out I was pregnant two years ago, I was filled with a ton of emotions. I was excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time. Since it was my first baby, I already knew I had a long nine months ahead of me full of unknowns. Doctor’s appointments, how I’d tell family and friends about our news, and so much more—I had no idea what to expect or how to do any of it.

Another aspect of pregnancy that took me completely by surprise was the lack of options for plus-size maternity clothes. I have always landed somewhere between sizes 14-18, and I had my tried-and-true stores where I’d always shop pre-pregnancy. But when it came time to buy clothes for my growing bump, I was extremely disappointed.



Thankfully, well-known brands are beginning to expand their size ranges to be more inclusive of all body types. But that, unfortunately, doesn’t always include pregnant women, and especially plus-size pregnant women. Even in researching this post, I messaged our editor with a bit of frustration because the options were so limited for plus-size pregnant women. If you’re feeling the same way, I hear you. Should I be lucky enough to become pregnant again, I’ll be right back here with you, searching for items that fit my body well.

Putting frustrations aside, I did come across a few cute plus-size maternity items for the season—from sweaters to leggings to dresses. Here are my plus-size maternity picks. 


Tops & Sweaters


Jeans & Leggings




Maternity Dress

available in multiple colors

Pink Blush

Animal Print Dress

with pockets!

Motherhood Maternity

Sweater Dress

available in 2 colors

Pink Blush

Maternity Wrap Dress

available in 7 colors