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7 Outfits to Wear to All of Your Kids’ School Events This Year


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Now that kids have been back in school for a little while, the craziness of switching routines yet again is finally dying down a bit. But with the packed calendar that comes with back-to-school season, we also get a full roster of school activities that are just for parents. Whether it’s something more formal, such as an evening fundraiser, or a more casual day of volunteering in your child’s classroom, it seems like there’s always a school-related event to attend—which also means you need outfits to wear to them.

While we know it’s most important that you’re just showing up for your kids, you might get stuck trying to figure out what to wear for these types of events—or maybe you’re just looking for some outfit inspo to mix things up this school year. That’s why we’ve put together seven outfits for every school event you might attend this year. Check them out below.

1. Conferences or Orientation

Perfect for conference or orientation season, this outfit combo will have you feeling sophisticated and on-brand for these formal events. Inspired by a neutral wardrobe palette, this look can be dressed up or down depending on your personal style.

conferences outfit graphic

Shop this look:

1. plaid blazer

2. sweater tank

3. tailored trousers

4. loafers

5. woven tote

2. Chaperoning a Field Trip

If you’re taking on the task of chaperoning, you’ll want an outfit that’s both comfortable and versatile for any field trip excursion. That’s why we styled this outfit with an oversized jacket that you can stay warm in or easily take off.

field trip outfit

Shop this look:

1. half-zip sweater

2. fleece-lined jacket

3. wide-leg jeans

4. sneakers

5. tote bag

3. School Sporting Event

You’ll never have to worry about what to wear on game days again because of this simple outfit formula. A great option for chillier nights, the puffer vest adds the perfect touch of sporty-chic.

sporting event outfit

Shop this look:

1. half-zip pullover

2. baseball cap

3. flare pants

4. puffer vest

5. sneakers

4. Play or Talent Show

Dressing up for special occasions like a talent show or play can be tricky, but this look passes the dress code for casual-meets-dressy attire. You can truly never go wrong with a classic sweater dress paired with tall boots.

play/talent show outfit

Shop this look:

1. sweater dress | budget-friendly dress

2. plaid coat

3. hoops

4. boots

5. bag

5. Volunteering at School

Who says you can’t use parent volunteer days as an excuse to put on a cute outfit? This adorable look has just the right pieces to make you feel stylish. Plus, it’s the perfect in-between of comfort and quiet luxury.

volunteering at school outfit

Shop this look:

1. oversized sweater

2. headband

3. button-front jeans

4. mini backpack

5. sneakers

6. Evening Fundraiser

Those fancier annual events are a great time to invest in luxury-looking pieces that can be worn for years to come. With a minimal yet classy approach, this outfit will have you feeling (and looking) like a million bucks.

event fundraising outfit

Shop this look:

1. long coat

2. high-neck dress

3. pearl earrings

4. pumps

5. houndstooth bag

7. School Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Let’s be honest: Most of the time, our drop-off and pick-up outfits consists of loungewear or an oversized tee, but for the days where you want to feel a little bit more put-together, this is the ultimate ‘fit. It requires minimal effort, yet will have you looking super cute.

school pick up outfit

Shop this look:

1. turtleneck sweater

2. leggings

3. sunglasses

4. Ugg boots

5. sling bag