9 Self-Care Products From BIPOC Businesses to Try

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Like many parents out there, self-care, especially during the pandemic, often gets put on the back burner as I try to keep up with my endless to-do list and two active children. One way I’ve tried to take the pressure off making family meals all week long is by buying from local, small-business restaurants. I decided to take this supporting-small-business mentality and apply it to my self-care routine to not only motivate me to take time to relax and take care of my skin, hair, and mental health but also to also support BIPOC-owned businesses.

If I’m being completely honest, I’ve barely even had time to swipe on lotion or put on makeup. But I find that when I spend money on a quality product from a small business I love, I am more likely to find the time and energy to use it. So if you are like me and want a little motivation to actually practice some self-care—whether it’s taking care of your skin, journaling, or allowing a moment to pause and breathe—I hope this list helps you prioritize self-care in your day-to-day life.

Here are a few of my favorite self-care products from BIPOC-owned businesses.

Inside Then Out

Better Every Day Journal

Inside Then Out was founded by Nya Jones, a Jamaican American woman who was on her own personal journey to act with more intention and purpose. Her experience inspired the creation of this simple yet helpful journal that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. You receive journal prompts to help make reflection and self-improvement a regular practice. I love that it's become part of my daily routine.

skin oil

Chill Day Face Oil

This illuminating face oil is for every face. After a while of searching for a skin product, I fell in love with this long-lasting hydrating oil that works very well with my dry skin. This Latina-owned brand also has a wonderful website that will help you determine which skincare routine is right for you.

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Glow Recipe

Watermelon Glow Pore-Tight Mask

The brand Glow Recipe was founded by two friends who bonded over their shared Korean heritage while working at L’Oreal. Their line of products is inspired by Korean beauty and skincare, like this wonderful smelling mask, which is great for unclogging pores and hydrating skin. It follows a simple philosophy: “If you respect your skin, it will respect you back.” After every use, my skin feels fresh and soft without fail.

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Quw'utsun' Made

Devil’s Club Lotion

Arianna founded this company in her small Salish village of Swinomish in Western Washington State. As I try to connect more with my Indigenous roots, I love to support companies founded by others working to connect their vision with more traditional based products learned from elders, teachers, and others in ancestral lands. This lotion is great for soothing inflamed skin, especially with issues such as psoriasis and eczema.

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Shea Shea Bakery

Ice Cream Foaming Body Scrub

I was originally given one of Shea Shea Bakery's products as a gift and fell in love with the rest of their luxurious items. This Foaming Body Scrub is by far my favorite because it smells divine and also cleans and softens my skin at the same time.

Bifties Gifts

Ally Box

This Ally Box puts a twist on self-care by inspiring others to learn more about anti-racism and how they can become empowered to help make change. It includes a book on anti-racism, a candle, and a pin by a Black/Afro-Latinx business. They also have boxes for new moms, engagement, a literary box, and more.

Tea Drops

Bubble Tea Kit

While I love coffee, I am also a huge bubble tea fan. This kit, created by a BIPOC-owned brand, is wonderful for those of us who are obsessed with trying out new bubble tea flavors and want to try making our own at home. As a bonus, the box is also compostable.

The Pinole Project

High Fiber and Protein Oatmeal

This Mexican American Food Company was inspired by the Tarahumara of Northem Mexico who eat Pinole to fuel long-distance runs. While searching for easy, healthy breakfasts to start my day with, I stumbled upon this company and was pleased with their product, which is now my go-to breakfast a few days a week when I'm in a rush.

Ardent Candle

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Candle

After watching Koby Lomax’s videos on TikTok about his viral cereal candles, I had to try these out. My husband is obsessed with cereal, and as our anniversary is coming up, this long-lasting candle is a great self-care present for the both of us to enjoy.

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