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20 Snow Day Activities That Will Keep Everyone Entertained

snow day activities"
snow day activities
Source: @raven.vasquez
Source: @raven.vasquez

Snow days are an absolute dream… for kids. They get to skip school, stay in their pajamas all day long (only changing to venture outside for snowball fights and snow angel making), drink some hot cocoa, and of course, have all of the screen time their little heart desires. Sure, this agenda can fly maybe once or twice. But when these snow days become more frequent as winter trudges on, keeping your little ones occupied by snow day activities without relying on an iPad, TV, or piles of snow (that they now get bored of playing in after 15 minutes) takes some true creativity and will power.

Thinking of fun and fresh activities off the top of your head isn’t always easy, so we got you covered with items you probably already have on hand. You’ll easily become a snow day hero whether you’re joining in on the fun or need something unique to keep the kiddos entertained while on your WFH grind. So, here are 20 games, activities, crafts, and snacks that will definitely keep that snow day magic alive. 

1. Snow Day Bingo

A classic winter-themed bingo game is a perfect option when you’re looking for a super quick activity that’s easy to follow. You can even offer little incentives like stickers or candy for each bingo scored to keep interest going all day long.

snow day activities
Source: Little Red Window

2. Snow Sensory Bin

Put all that snow to use by creating an indoor snow sensory bin. Use a big plastic container and throw in some of their favorite toys. Even better, plop it in the tub to contain any melting mess. 

Snow Sensory Bin
Source: Alexandra Pagar-Wolf

3. Coffee Filter Winter Trees

Grab some of those coffee filters that have been sitting in your cupboard forever to make these super fun watercolor trees any art loving kid will have a blast making. 

snow day activities
Source: Tiny N3rds

4. Chocolate Covered Peppermint Pretzels

There’s nothing that’ll get a kid going quite like a sweet and salty treat, so they’ll definitely be willing to spend some time making these ultra-tasty chocolate covered pretzels. Plus, this is a great way to use up any leftover candy canes you still have in your pantry from the holidays! 

snow day activities
Source: Well Plated

5. Pine Cone Penguin Ornament

Have the kids collect some pine cones while they’re out in the snow to make these beyond adorable ornaments once they’ve settled back inside for the day. They can be used on next year’s Christmas tree or, in the meantime, hang in your kitchen, in their bedroom or anywhere that could use a little winter accessory. 

snow day activities
Source: Hello, Wonderful

6. Yarn and Twig Photo Holders

These super creative photo holders are a funky edition to your typical, everyday wall decor and work to have on display all year round. 

snow day activities
Source: Art Bar Blog

7. Double Dark Chocolate Muddy Buddies

Get ready to get your hands dirty in the kitchen (definitely worth it for how good this treat tastes) with this mouth-watering snack that makes for a perfect movie-watching snack

snow day activities
Source: What’s Gaby Cooking

8. Balloon Snowman Garland

From blowing up balloons, drawing snowman faces, scarf making, and garland tying, little ones will have fun all afternoon with this DIY decor craft. 

snow day activities
Source: Handmade Charlotte

9. Winter Bird Feeders

These super cute bird feeder decorations can be kept up all year long, are easy to assemble, and give a quirky yet tasteful look—truly the dream at-home craft for your kiddos to throw together. 

snow day activities
Source: Tiny N3rds

10. Classic No Bake Cookies

A dessert that doesn’t involve any ovens or stove tops? Sign us up. This is a perfect recipe for kids to make if you’re unable to have all eyes on them throughout the whole process. 

snow day activities
Source: Two Peas & Their Pod

11. Grocery Bag Reindeer Coloring Project

Reuse a brown paper grocery bag by turning it into a giant reindeer for a fun, oversized, kid’s coloring project.

12. Yarn Star Ornaments

A DIY project like this one will give you tons of fun and unique new ornaments to hang on the tree next Christmas!

snow day activities
Source: Art Bar Blog

13. Newspaper Polar Bear

All you need for this classic craft are newspaper scraps and a handful of other easy crafting supplies to make this super cute polar bear or any other adorable creature! 

snow day activities
Source: I Heart Crafty Things

14. Chewy Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is easy to make, delicious, and is without a doubt a little cooking activity the kids will be so excited about—I mean, who doesn’t love popcorn?

snow day activities
Source: Foodie Crush

15. Recycled Rainbow Wreath

Put those all of those spare paper boxes and bags to good use to create the coolest, most environmentally-friendly wreath on the block. 

snow day activities
Source: Little Button Diaries

16. Hot Cocoa Cookie Cups

These adorable no-bake cookie cups are perfect for a snow day sweet treat—plus, they’re super easy and fun to build and decorate!

snow day activities
Source: Best Friends for Frosting

17. Fun Activities Bingo Card

This is a super clever way to keep your little ones busy all day long. You can offer screen time or a treat once they’ve scored a bingo, or even when they black out the whole card!

snow day activities
Source: Gluesticks Blog

18. Paper Snowman Snowflakes

This super cool craft will keep kids busy for hours on end with folding and cutting, and you’ll end up with some awesome winter decorations to hang on the mantle or fridge. 

snow day activities
Source: Willow Day

19. Chocolate Chip Cheerio Cereal Bars

What kid isn’t absolutely obsessed with cereal? Kill two birds with one stone by making this yummy recipe, and in turn meal prepping a go-to snack for the week.

snow day activities
Source: Midget Momma

20. Egg Carton Snowman

For this super cute DIY, all you need to do is add scrap ribbon, buttons, and a few other accessories to a spare egg carton to easily create adorable snowmen that you’ll want to keep as holiday decor forever. 

snow day activities
Source: Happiness is Homemade
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