The Best Bathing Suit for Moms All of Our Editors Own

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jcrew bathing suit
Source: J.Crew

I’ve never loved bathing suit shopping. But I do love being able to do it in the comfort of my own home. This is why I recently ordered seven swimsuits to see if I could find the best bathing suit for moms for this summer.

Swimsuit shopping as a mom includes quite a few considerations that differ from life pre-kids. Pre-kids: does it look cute when I’m laying on a lounge chair or taking a quick dip? Post-kids: does it support and/or cover my postpartum mid-section, chest, and butt while I’m carrying, throwing, or catching one or more of my children? For breastfeeding moms, there are additional considerations. Does the swimsuit have easy access so I don’t need two hands to unfasten it and/or potentially flash a crowd of pool or beachgoers?

Enter the ruched one-piece from J.Crew. This suit was the far and above winner from my try-on session. When I shared my findings with our editorial team, nearly everyone chimed in about the suit. “I live in the J.Crew ruched,” said cofounder Alaina Kaczmarski. The array of colors, the ruching, the support, the full-coverage bum, and the versatility (D-Cup options and order up a size or two for a maternity swimsuit), make it an official favorite of The Everymom team.

Here it is in some of our favorite colors and patterns: 


This article was originally published in 2020 and has been updated for timeliness. 


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