11 of the Most Adorable TikTok Videos with Toddlers

funny toddler tiktok videos
Source: @loree.1

When you’re a parent with a smartphone, it can be hard to resist taking pictures or videos of your toddler every time they do or say something funny, silly, or especially adorable. This is probably why one of my favorite parts of TikTok is the plethora of adorable videos starring toddlers like my own.

Toddler personalities, with their cheeky little smiles and sugar-sweet voices, offer endless amounts of content. And parents sharing their toddler moments on TikTok provides plenty of entertainment for moms who need a smile throughout the long days—or nights, when our little angels have finally succumbed to sleep.

If you haven’t learned that TikTok is not just about teenagers doing dance moves, these videos will be a treat. I’ve compiled a list of 11 adorable videos starring toddlers for your enjoyment. 


1. @mamameg__ | Slides are Life!

If you’ve ever taken your little one to a play area with a slide, you’ve probably watched them face the uncertainty of going down such a scary slope. But once they’re brave enough, most toddlers quickly learn to love the fall, and their giggles will make your day.

@mamameg__You’d think he learned his lesson….#toddlersoftiktok #toddler #CleanTok #boymom♬ original sound – Wallymeg


2. @martyalvaro10 | Cocomelon Love

If your toddler has a favorite show, you’re probably familiar with the joy that sparks on their faces when they hear the show’s theme song. This baby’s excitement and wiggles can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

@martyalvaro10Kids love cocomelon! #toddlersoftiktok♬ Cocomelon Theme Song – Kyle Istook


3. @caseychess95 | Toddler Pajama Style

Most parents have experienced their children’s abilities to rock every different style from overalls to cartoon characters. This little one is simply showing us the joys of experimenting with a different look.

@caseychess95Beau showed me the CORRECT way to wear a pajama shirt. My bad. #fyp #toddlersoftiktok #crazybaby♬ paparazzi – Nick&Sienna🌹


4. @southernlaceboutique0 | Toddler Gone Wild

Some kids are comfortable with small sides and some live for the adventure. Which one reminds you of your little one more?

@southernlaceboutique0My parenting skills are questionable #wildchild #fyp #foryoupage #momsoftiktok #toddlerlife♬ averyy.perkinss – avery🥀


5. @raineegouldforbus | What’s Yours Is Mine

This father is just another parent like us who can’t resist the cuteness. But can we blame him? I know I’ve definitely fallen victim to my child’s snuggles and kisses more than once.

@raineegouldforbusMr.steal your snacks in action 😂#HomeImprovement #chickfila #toddlersoftiktok♬ You Are My Sunshine – Kina Grannis


6. @laurahfritz | When Cousins are Best Friends

OK, this might be one of the sweetest videos I’ve ever seen. The cousin love is strong between these two.


@laurahfritzyou could say Lena gets excited to see baby Harper!♬ original sound – laura & lena


7. @mommacate2 | She’s Got It

This video shows why you should never underestimate the abilities of a toddler and their determination to do it themselves.

@mommacate2the queen of “I dot it!!” #toddlersoftiktok #fyp #toddlertiktok #igotit #foryou #toddlermom♬ original sound – Cate 💖


8. @jocelynyates3 | Style Icon

She’s not just any toddler, she’s a cool toddler. Ready for a photoshoot at a moment’s notice, this little girl will have you questioning your style choices.

@jocelynyates3Her reaction at the end has my heart 🥺 #tellmewithouttellingme #toddlersoftiktok #toddler #toddlers #daughter #momlife♬ original sound – Jocelyn Yates


9. @daddyslog18 | Rainy Day Fun

This clip reminds me of the simple pleasures in life, and I can’t wait until the next rainy day to jump in some puddles with my boys.

@daddyslog18DAD HACK:How to carry a wet toddler #feelinggood #daddy #parents #parentsoftiktok #toddler #toddlersoftiktok #over30 #dadsoftiktok #fyp @jenikashamp♬ original sound – Daddy’s log


10. @emileesummerlin8 | Self Love

What is cuter than a toddler appreciating himself? I really love the emphasis on teaching children self love from a young age.

@emileesummerlin8So handsome #fyp #toddlersoftiktok #MyStyle #BachelorReady♬ original sound – Emilee Summerlin


11. @mama_bee_kay | Baby’s First Rave

Will you be planning your kid’s first rave soon? Don’t forget your wristband.

@mama_bee_kayBaby’s first rave 😎 #babysharkremix #glowsticks #nightlife #fyp #foryou #toddlerlife #parentsoftiktok♬ original sound – Billie Kay Asmus