Valentine's Day

10 Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Couples


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valentine's day date ideas"
valentine's day date ideas
Source: Megan Miller Photography via Alaina Kaz
Source: Megan Miller Photography via Alaina Kaz

Valentine’s Day can be filled with heart-shaped candy, expensive dinners out, or pricey jewelry—at least that’s what the advertising says. Whether you choose to celebrate or not, Valentine’s Day can be a reminder to look up from caring for the kids for a moment and notice your partner. For couples who want to mark the day by spending time together—and who want to watch their spending—there are plenty of budget-friendly options. From candlelit movie nights inside to exploring your town (or a new one), there’s an array of activities and date ideas to step out of the norm this Valentine’s Day.

Changing the pace and trying something new together can reignite the spark that sometimes fades a little in parenthood. Plus, who knows? You might just learn something new about your partner. We know that childcare isn’t always budget-friendly, so consider a date night swap with friends or family so you can sneak away and try some of these budget Valentine’s Day date ideas.

10 Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Couples

1. Visit a Local Brewery or Winery

You can never have too many samples! The best way to discover your new favorite wine, beer, or whiskey is with a gold ole’ taste test. Grab your significant other and head to your nearest winery or brewery to share your favorites, discover new options, and laugh at the ones you just can’t stomach. You may just find one you both love!

2. Try In-Person or Virtual Dance Lessons

Breaking a sweat (inside or outside the house) is a great way to boost endorphins and make you feel good. Doing that with a partner makes it all the more worth it. With loads of TikTok dances, music video choreography, Zumba, and more on the internet, the millions of options will keep you both moving—and probably laughing too.

3. Take a Hike Together

A great way to celebrate each other is to celebrate the nature around you. Grab some water bottles, get your gear, and head into the great outdoors. Put your phones away and bask in the ambiance of being away from the noisiness of your life. Be sure to give your partner your undivided attention and enjoy the alone time.

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4. Go Window Shopping

Does your wallet need a break? Now’s the perfect time to check out all the unique stores in your area without spending a penny. Visit some quirky antique shops, take a look at some places in a new town, or walk around for a few hours in your nearest IKEA. If you have plans for any upcoming home refreshes, it’s a great way to get a feel for each other’s style and preferences.

5. Try a Couple’s Card Game

Not only are game nights fun, but there are tons of games out there built for helping couples reconnect. Consider We’re Not Really Strangers or Where Should We Begin that are filled with prompts meant to deepen a relationship at any level.

6. Plan a Vacation

Always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower or visit the islands of Hawaii? Make your travel bucket list together. Why not make life easier by planning ahead and ensuring an unforgettable trip in the future. 

valentine's day date ideas
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7. Go to a Local Comedy Show

Laughter is truly the best medicine, so laugh until you cry by supporting up-and-coming local comedians or try scouring Netflix for something fresh. Laughing together can be a great connector for your relationship.

8. Have a Video Game Night

There’s nothing like blowing the dust off your favorite board games, but why not switch it up a bit? With the huge variety of free and discounted video games available on all systems, there are plenty of options for a little friendly competition.

9. Try a Date Morning

Rather than planning a date night, see if you can squeeze in a special breakfast with your sweetie, no matter what the day ahead holds. Even if it’s only sharing a scone over coffee before you officially kick off your day, try to relish in the quiet time with just the two of you.

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10. Go Bowling

Head back to your high school days with this inexpensive date. Spend the night getting competitive over cheap drinks and a nostalgic activity.

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