The Best Items to Support Your Wellness Resolutions, No Matter What They Are


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wellness resolutions"
wellness resolutions
Graphics by: Anna Wissler
Graphics by: Anna Wissler

I love making resolutions every year, and I also love the fun bonus that is buying a few items that help support those goals. As a mom, wellness resolutions can be hit or miss. Sometimes they feel out of your control when your schedule and much of your lifestyle is dictated by the tiny people in your life. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t hurt to arm yourself with products that will help you be your healthiest self.

With three years of motherhood under my belt, my New Year’s resolutions have shifted. In previous pre-baby years, my wellness goals typically focused on things like intensifying my workouts, finding a new challenging race to train for, or radically changing my eating habits (who else has sworn off carbs come January 1?).

Now I view wellness in terms of appreciating what my body is capable of, treating it with respect and keeping it healthy, and including mental health in the full wellness package. And my resolutions reflect that.

If you’re making a few wellness resolutions this year, we’ve rounded up over 30 products that can help jumpstart and motivate your new habits. Of course we’re not saying you need all of them, but if you need a little push to get your wellness on track for 2024, here are some fun items to treat yourself to as you focus on new goals for the year ahead.

For Fitness Resolutions

moving your body, stretching, and breaking a sweat

yoga mat
Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

For intense yoga classes or light stretching, a good mat is key to have on hand. This light one is perfect for traveling as well.

7 colors available

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yoga block
Amazon | Gaiam
Yoga Block

Give yourself the support you need during yoga class with the addition of a yoga block.

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bombas socks
Women’s Running Ankle Socks

Keep your feet comfortable no matter the mileage thanks to Bombas socks, an Everymom favorite.

6 colors available

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apple watch
Target | Apple
Apple Watch Series 9

Track your steps, calories burned, and more with an Apple Watch. Closing your rings can help you stay active and motivated each day.

2 colors available

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massage therapy gun
Theragun Elite

We love the Theragun Elite for deep muscle treatment, which can enhance muscle recovery, release stress and tension, and soothe discomfort.

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airmax pros
Target | Apple
Airpods Max

Trust us, these headphones are worth the splurge.  From the sleek appearance to the active noise cancellation and high-quality spatial audio, what’s not to love?

5 colors available

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bala starter kit
The Starter Kit

Challenge yourself when staying active by implementing these Bala bangles, bars, or power ring to your workout sesh.

multiple styles available

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adjustable weights
Amazon | Flash Limp
Ajustable Dumbells

Do a variety of strength training workouts with these adjustable weights, which go up to 25 lbs.

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double foam roller
Double Roller

Foam roll before and after your workout to get an intense at-home muscle massage.

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Nordstrom | HOKA
Clifton 9 Running Shoes

If you haven’t already hopped on the Hoka bandwagon, here’s your sign. They’re super comfortable for your workouts or even as a daily sneaker.

10+ colors available

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align leggings
Align High-Rise Pant

These buttery-soft leggings are a must-have for all your workouts, and are super stretchy for expecting mamas!

10+ colors and patterns available

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running belt
Fast and Free Running Belt

Going for runs or walks have never been easier than with this running belt that will keep your necessities safe.

3 colors available

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calpak duffel bag
Compakt Duffel Bag

If you’re looking to spend more time in the gym this year, consider this duffel bag your new best friend.

9 colors and patterns available

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wellness resolutions
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For Nutrition Resolutions

cooking more, experimenting in the kitchen, and creating nourishing meals

waterdrop starter set
Amazon | Waterdrop
Starter Set

Setting a goal to drink more water? Waterdrop water flavors help you enjoy staying hydrated (some even have natural caffeine!).

4 colors available

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caraway pots and pans
Cookware Set

If you’re trying to cook more, these (gorgeous!) pots and pans will get you excited to spend more time in the kitchen.

10+ colors available

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the smart garden
Amazon | Click and Grow
The Smart Garden 3

Grow your own herbs to add flavor to your at-home masterpieces.

3 colors available

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the beast blender
The Beast
Health Blender

Whip up smoothies with ease with this highly-recommended blender. Plus, you’ll love how aesthetically pleasing it’ll look in your kitchen.

3 colors available

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the essential set
The Essential Capsule

Using quality ingredients can help you get inspired in the kitchen. We’re a huge fan of Brightland for their oils and vinegars.

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ceramic plate collection
Our Place
Ceramic Collection

There’s nothing like a solid dinnerware set that will make mealtime that much more enjoyable.

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giada cookbook
Amazon | Giada De Laurentiis
Eat Better, Feel Better Wellness Cookbook

Looking to meal prep more? Start with this wellness cookbook that has recipes to boost gut health and immunity.

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juice presser
Amazon | WISKEMA
Press Juicer

For those really looking to level up their health, consider this top-of-the-line juicer that makes at-home juicing a breeze (and the clean-up is easy too).

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greens blend
Target | Amazing Grass
Greens Blend Superfood

Adding this greens blend to your water, juice, or smoothies is the simple solution to ensuring your body gets whole food nutrition.

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portable blender
Magic Bullet Portable Blender

If you’re constantly on the move, then this portable blender will make drinking on-the-go easy and hassle-free.

4 colors available

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wellness resolutions
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For Mindfulness & Sleep Resolutions

finding quiet, starting a meditation practice, and improving sleep habits

beam dream powder
Dream Powder

This bedtime hot cocoa contains natural sleep ingredients—such as reishi and magnesium—that can lead to a better night’s rest.

8 flavors available

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sleepy time tea
Target | Celestial Seasonings
Sleepytime Echinacea Tea

Made with the finest herbs, spices, and botanicals, this tea will become one of your favorite parts of your bedtime routine.

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moon dust
Moon Juice
Dream Dust

Blend this sweet and floral flavor with tea, milk, or hot water before bed. The ingredients can help decrease stress levels, promote relaxation and deep sleep, and calm the body and mind.

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decaf coffee blend
Chamberlain Coffee
Sleepy Sloth Decaf Coffee

Are you trying to cut back on caffeine? This decaf blend lets you enjoy the taste of coffee without disrupting your sleep schedule.

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Amazon | Vivitest
Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are just what you need to add a calming ambience to your home.

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hatch alarm clock
Restore Sound Machine

Adults need a good night’s sleep too, and now you can! Create a soothing bedtime and morning routine with the Hatch Restore.

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Nordstrom | NODPOD
Sleep Mask

If you enjoy the feel of weighted blankets, this is like one for your eyes and it truly does lull you into a cozy sleep.

5 colors available

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weighted blanket
Weighted Blanket

If you’re having trouble getting to and staying sleep, try a weighted blanket for a calming sensory experience.

10+ colors available

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cooling sheets
Classic Percale Core Sheet Set

Upgrade your bedding to these hotel-like sheets that are ideal for hot sleepers.

10+ colors and patterns available

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heated pad
Target | Pure Enrichment
PureRelief Deluxe Heating Pad

For aches and pains and general relaxation, this heating pad will help you decompress after a long day.

3 colors available

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theeverygirl planner
The Everygirl x Day Designer
30-Day Challenge Planner

Reduce stress by physically keeping track of your schedule with this 30-day challenge planner. It  allows you to set monthly goals, organize your tasks, and reflect on your progress over the year.

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five-minute journal
Amazon | Intelligent Change
The Five Minute Journal

If you’d like to start a journaling practice but don’t think you have the time to devote, this popular journal takes just five minutes a day.

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alo body and face mist
Nordstrom | Alo
Magnesium Reset Spray

Add this aromatherapeutic mist to your nighttime routine to help destress your body and ease your muscles.

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