30 Items to Support Your Wellness Resolutions

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Every year, I love making resolutions, but admittedly I’m a bit hesitant to make specific goals and plans for 2021. After a year with so much out of our control, and another one that’s starting off on a similar footing, it’s hard to know what resolutions are actually reasonable to make.

As unpredictable as the past year has been, I have come away from it with some lessons learned. I’ve learned to slow down and embrace a quieter time, I’ve focused on being with family and appreciating the time together, and I’ve also taken a new approach to wellness. In previous years—and pre-babies—my wellness resolutions typically focused on things like intensifying my workouts, finding a new challenging race to train for, or radically changing my eating habits (who else has sworn off carbs come January 1?).


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Now I’m viewing wellness in terms of appreciating what my body is capable of, treating it with respect and keeping it healthy, and including mental health awareness into the full wellness package. And my resolutions reflect that.

If you’re making a few resolutions this year around wellness, we’ve rounded up 30 products that can help jumpstart and motivate these new habits. Of course, we’re not saying you need all 30, but maybe some of these items were on your holiday wishlist and weren’t fulfilled, or you’re ready to start the year with a small treat to yourself as you focus on new goals for 2021.


For Fitness Resolutions

moving your body, stretching, and breaking a sweat


For Nutrition Resolutions

cooking more, experimenting in the kitchen, and creating nourishing meals



For Mindfulness Resolutions

finding quiet, starting a meditation practice, and improving sleep habits



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