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9 Adoptive Parents I Recommend Following on Instagram

as an adult adoptee
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Adoptive parents are an important part of the adoption community, and their influence and financial support can help urge officials and agencies to make necessary changes for a more ethical and just adoption and foster industry. When adoptive parents are willing to do anti-racism work, elevate diverse voices, and write to officials, we are all more likely to make lasting change to help the most important people in the adoption community: the children.

Whether you are a parent through international adoption or domestic adoption or have a same-race adoption or a transracial adoption, there are so many important things that we can learn from one another in the adoption community. And even if you’re not an adoptive parent, you or your child likely knows someone in the adoption community.

I do think it is important for adoptive parents to follow other adoptive parents, but I urge them to do their due diligence and not just follow aimlessly without doing research and learning from adoptees and birth parents as well. Three qualities that are important in adoptive parents you follow on social media are: 1) they willingly protect their children’s private story, 2) they do anti-racism work and are willing to listen to and learn about marginalized voices, and 3) recognize the privileges adoptive parents have. As an adoptee, I find it really important to advocate that adoptive parents listen to adoptees and elevate our voices, but I also want to highlight some adoptive parents who are doing the work.

Here are a few of my favorite adoptive parent accounts on Instagram that embrace these characteristics.


1. @jeenawilder

Jeena is an amazing biological and adoptive mom to five kiddos. She adopted a child transracially and does her best to protect her child’s privacy and advocates that adoptive parents learn about hair care and cultural differences.


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As an adoptee, adoptive mom, and MSW student, Andie has a unique perspective on adoption. She is an advocate for adoptees and people with mental illnesses, and she uses her Instagram account to talk about some of the difficult nuances in adoption.


3. @fosterwhileblackfam

Tracy is a mother via fostering and transracial adoption, and to be honest, I love hearing real stories from Black foster mamas who are unafraid to share the beauty and struggles, especially when CPS is involved. She is a strong advocate for foster children and helps bring awareness to transracial adoption. 


4. @natalie.kristeen

Natalie is a fun, energetic mom who does not shy away from the ups and downs of motherhood. I love her willingness to learn and her passion for adoption, doing the work, and advocating to raise adoptee voices. She is also a strong advocate for Christian women who have gotten divorced.


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5. @brittanynsalmon

If you are a Christian mom, Brittany’s account is one that you should definitely follow ASAP! She’s a loving adoptive mom who talks about the intricacies of adopting a child and advocates that being an adoptive parent takes more than love—which is also the title of her upcoming book that will be out April 5. 


6. @brandie_ebersole

Brandi is a Korean adoptee and adoptive mom who is passionate about open adoption and foster care. Her page chronicles her transracially adoptive family and is a great place for those needing to learn about adoption from this perspective. I find that adoptees who have adopted have such valuable insight that we all can learn from.


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7. @messyasamother

Carey adopted through embryo adoption and infant adoption and has been really open about the entire experience while respecting her child’s privacy and the privacy of the birth parents. Adoptive parents can learn a lot from how she approaches motherhood’s messes, and she also makes sure to prioritize learning and incorporating her children’s culture.


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8. @blackandbrownfoster

Nikki does not shy away from sharing the nuances of the foster care experience. Adoptive parents can learn a lot from her willingness to learn from former foster youth and adoptees. 


9. @redpoppymama

Terra focuses on honest motherhood and gives the adoption community a sneak peak into what open adoption looks like (with birth parents’ consent). Every time I watch her stories or read her posts, it just warms my heart knowing that her child will feel so much love from all of her parents.


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