16 Cute Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

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When my son was still an infant, I loved it when a new holiday came around because it meant an opportunity to experience another “first” with him. While he won’t remember any of these firsts, they were great photo op moments we can look back on together.

Halloween was no exception. I loved dressing up as a kid, and even as an adult, it continues to be one of my favorite holidays, especially now that I can experience it with my son. For his first Halloween, he was the cutest skeleton I’d ever seen (I’m biased, of course), but there were so many adorable baby costumes to choose from.

This year, Halloween and trick-or-treating may look different, but that doesn’t mean our babies can’t get in on the fun. Even if your baby is just celebrating at home with you, dressing them up in a costume is a great way to have some fun, even if it’s just for the photo op. Hopefully, you’ll be taking them door-to-door asking for candy next year.

Read on for 16 adorable costumes for your baby’s first Halloween:


Baby Pumpkin

An instant classic, this comfy baby pumpkin costume is a great tradition to bring back year after year.

Halloween Costumes

Baby Astronaut Costume

Encourage your little one to reach for the stars with this baby astronaut costume, complete with patches and little shoes.

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Elephant Costume

How cute are the massive ears on this elephant onesie from Pottery Barn? We can't get enough of this adorable costume.

Spirit Halloween

Baby Ghostbusters Costume

Make sure you introduce them early to one of the best movies of the '80s early with this baby Ghostbusters costume.


Little Pineapple Costume

This baby pineapple costume from Carter's is so cute, complete with a pineapple top sprouting out of the top of the hood.

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Hippo Costume

This super-soft hippo costume from Pottery Barn is the perfect cozy pick for Halloween.

currently on sale


Ladybug Costume

A little ladybug is a classic baby costume. Make it a family costume with parents or siblings dressed as flowers, bees, or another nature-themed pick.

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Butterfly Fairy Costume

We love this butterfly fairy costume from Pottery Barn, and we expect it will fly off the shelves this season.

Etsy | TES Beams and Particles

Starbucks Cup Baby Costume

This mock Starbucks-cup onesie is absolutely to die for, featuring a straw in the hat and a "cardboard" sleeve.

Baby Frappuccino costume also available

last day to order for Halloween is October 21

Old Navy

Baby Bear Costume

This cozy baby bear costume from Old Navy is perfect for wearing and rewearing, even after Halloween.

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Flamingo Costume

This baby flamingo costume from Pottery Barn is so adorable with its fluffy "wings" and beak hood.


Baby Turtle Costume

Even if your little one is crawling fast on Halloween, this baby turtle costume will be just their speed.


Narwhal Costume

Your little one will look magical in this purple narwhal costume, complete with long-sleeved shirt and tights.

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Witch Tutu Costume

Witch costumes are classic at any age, and this one from Pottery Barn is no exception.

Etsy | Monsters Under My Bed Co

Personalized Baby Scrubs Costume

A personalized pair of tiny scrubs, plus supporting a small business? Yes, please.


Baby Star Wars Chewbacca

What would Halloween be without someone in the family wearing a Star Wars costume?


The Cutest Sibling Halloween Costumes
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