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5 Simple Ways to Make Bathing Multiple Kids Easier


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kids bath"
kids bath
Source: @alainakaz
Source: @alainakaz

Seeing a sweet little baby splash around and enjoy a sudsy bath is pretty adorable. But as cute as little ones can be, bath time is not an activity I ever really enjoyed. I found it incredibly stressful with my first child. She was just so slippery and tiny! Eventually, I got over the stress, and we found our baby-bathing rhythm.

As I was just starting to enjoy giving my little one a bath, my second child was born. Cue the return of bath time stress! Bathing two kids at once is a special kind of juggle. At first, it seemed completely overwhelming, especially if you’re in the two-under-2 world like I was. Thankfully, I learned some tactics along the way that have made bathing multiple children fairly easy and even, dare I say it, fun.

In the early months in our house, it was a two-person job. I couldn’t imagine doing bath time without my husband around. Now I’m a pro and can bathe two kids by myself. Supermom, right? Like with most elements of parenthood, what seems completely impossible at first soon becomes just a regular part of your routine. While I still feel like a superhero whenever I do bath time solo, it’s really just a standard part of our life now. If bath time has you feeling more fear than joy, here are a few ways to make it easier.


1. Stick with the same gentle products for everyone

My bathroom may be overstuffed with products, but my kids’ bathroom doesn’t need to be the same. Instead of a wide variety of products, we keep it super simple with just a handful of our favorites that work for both of my kids, including my child with sensitive skin.

Bath Soak

When bathing multiple kids it's best to have one product that works for everyone. We love using Cocosoak as a soothing bath soak. It's made with colloidal oats & coconut milk powder and is gentle on sensitive skin.

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2. Use a bath seat

If one of your children is a baby and is slip-sliding around the tub, consider getting a little seat. These are a great way to keep your hands free to deal with scrubbing multiple kids at once, knowing your littlest one is secure. These seats are great because they don’t take up too much space in the tub, allowing for the same amount of play space. As always, you still need to keep a close eye on your little ones while they bathe. A seat does not replace a parent’s or caregiver’s attention.

Baby Bathtub Seat

This seat suctions to the bottom of the tub and keeps your baby secure. It's also easy to move around and take out for cleaning.

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Summer Infant My Bath Seat

This seat sticks to the sides of the tub and is recommend for babies ages 5-10 months. It helps provide support and stability during bath time.

3 colors available

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3. Set boundaries for safe bath play

With multiple kids in the bath, things can get a little wild. Make sure to set your boundaries and stick to them with things get rough. Boundaries are up to you, but our personal ones are no standing in the tub, no throwing toys, and no big splashes. If your child is doing anything considered unsafe bath behavior, remove them from the situation, so they know the rules.


4. Find age-appropriate toys

If you have kids of different ages in the tub, make sure they have their own fun bath toys to choose from. When your kids learn to play independently (or together) nicely in the tub, it can actually be pretty relaxing for the parent too.

Bath Toy Set

Toddlers will love this interactive bath set full of different colors and items.

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Learn Bath Letters & Numbers

Make bath time educational with foam letters and numbers. Kids can stick them on the walls and side of the tub as they practice counting and the alphabet.

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5. Keep post-bath essentials handy

We used to keep all diapers, wipes, and pajamas in our kids’ rooms and realized it was always an unnecessary rush from the bathroom to the diapers. The simple solution? Move those items into the bathroom. With diapers within reach from the tub, you will no longer have to worry about hallway accidents.

The Pant

For little bathers, keep your diapers nearby. My 1.5 year old has been wearing these new diapers from Coterie and we're huge fans.

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Nothing is cuter than a baby in a bathrobe! Have essentials like towels and robes within arms reach when bathing your kids. It makes the post-bath situation much easier.

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This post is sponsored by Cocosoak, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.