The Best Classic Bags for Moms for Every Budget

Even in college, I was known for having the “mom bag.” Needed a tissue for spontaneous drunken tears? I had a travel pack of Kleenex. Needed a Band-aid for blisters from new heels? I was your gal. Now that I’m an actual mom, my new girl pack, AKA my 3-year-old and 6-year-old daughters, still expect me to have all the things at all times in my mom bag.

Luckily for me, having all those things doesn’t include diapers anymore, but I still like to have wipes, snacks, and, yes, still tissues and bandaids on hand. So, when it comes to updating my bag for the new fall season, space for my work laptop and pockets for my mom supplies are a must. Plus, it’s helpful if the bag easily slings over my shoulder or comes with a crossbody strap so my hands can be free.

In this roundup, we scoured some of our favorite stores for fall styles that work for mom life and more at different budget levels. Whether you’re ready to invest in a large leather tote or need something just to get through this season, we have all the options: budget ($), invest ($$), and treat yourself ($$$).


Zippered Tote


Classic Black Shopper


Mid-Size Tote


Everyday Crossbody Bag


Cute Backpacks


Square Backpack

Lots of interior pockets


Mini Backpack

Smaller version of the original, with a smaller price tag


Belt Bags


Diaper Bags


Backpack Diaper Bag

Practical and cute!

Treat Yourself

Insulated Backpack

Chic diaper bag with all the essentials.

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