The Best Housewarming Gifts for Every Budget

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housewarming gifts

A new home is always a reason to celebrate. Whether renting or buying, moving into a new home means a season of change that may come with an array of excitement, anxiety, or both. It’s a time to build fresh memories, create a meaningful space, and cultivate a home. If your friend or family member is moving into a new home, you may want to bring or send a housewarming gift. And if you want to give a gift to remember, this list is for you.

Whether it be lending a hand in developing a green thumb, adding to their already-huge candle collection, or finding the perfect personalized gift, we’ve got options for every budget. Of course, you can always go with their food or beverage of choice—few folks will turn down that gift!

Here are some of the best housewarming gifts for family and friends.


Housewarming Gifts Under $50

Etsy | Black Butterfly Signs

Personalized Doormat

Welcome them to their new home with a special, personalized doormat!

Multiple designs available.

Etsy | Willow Bee Signs

Custom House Art

This custom watercolor house painting is a wonderful gift for recent homebuyers or to commemorate a big move.

Multiple font, framing, and print size options available.

essential oil diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

Stress Relief 101: You need this diffuser. Cleanse the air and energy of past renters, and create an aroma of citrus, flowers, or your own custom scent for your new home.

custom return label
Etsy | Stamp by Me Studio

Custom Return Address Stamp

Although some things may seem unnecessary, we promise this one doesn’t fall into that category. Your new homeowners, or renters, will love this return address stamp. Personalized with their name as well as custom wood and ink details, this is truly a gem.

indoor garden
Uncommon Goods

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Besides aiding in air filtration, boosting creativity, and increasing focus, having an indoor garden is a great way to grow your own veggies. Needless to say, it’s also a great way to make you look and feel like you have your life together.

homesick new home candle

New Home Candle

There’s nothing like that new-home smell. With a combination of jasmine, sandalwood, lime, and musk, this candle is sure to create an earthy and clean aroma fit for any new place. Add a personal touch with a short message if you’d like.

housewarming gifts
Etsy | Indoor Plants Inc.

Live Money Tree

Ever heard of the magic that happens when you gift a money tree? The Chinese legend insists that it is a holy tree that gives money and fortune to those who live around it. Besides being a lovely symbol of nobility and affluence, it’s a wonderful plant to start a new life.

taco seasonings
Etsy | Calicutts Spice Co.

Taco Night Gift Box

Every day can be Tuesday in this house! Try out these homemade taco seasonings to seriously spice up your homemade family nights. Support a small business with this purchase and open your senses up to an array of new smells and tastes.

Etsy | Suburban Cowgirl Clay

Keepsake Ornament

A special way to remember the first holidays in a new home, this custom ceramic keepsake is sure to be cherished for years to come.

Domain by Laura Hodges Studio

Mini Eucalyptus Steam Shower Cubes

Turn their new bathroom into an oasis with these mini eucalyptus shower steamers.

Comes with nine cubes.

sherpa throw blanket
Pottery Barn

Cozy Pom-Pom Sherpa Throws

Soft, cozy, and cute—what else could you possibly need? Gift endless snuggles and movie nights with this pompom sherpa throw blanket.

5 colors available

board game

Vintage Scattegories

For future game nights, gift an old favorite like Scattegories.

Other games available, including Catch Phrase, Clue, Monopoly, and more!

intersection of love puzzle
Uncommon Goods

Intersection of Love Jigsaw Puzzle

Moving into a new house together is a big deal! What’s a better way to celebrate that than with a puzzle that celebrates this new intersection of love? Gift your favorites this beautiful photo replicating their new adventure. Personalize it with their names or new cross streets for an extra-special gift that's just as special as they are.


Housewarming Gifts Over $50

sliding snack tray
Uncommon Goods

Sliding Cheese & Snack Board

Did anyone say charcuterie? For your favorite cheese-lover, this sliding snack board is the perfect addition to making the most aesthetic boards around. With four cheese knives and additional snack consoles included, they’ll become the local host or hostess in no time.

wine cooler
Pottery Barn

White Marble Wine Cooler

It’s always wine o’clock in this house! For your favorite couple or friend walking into their new space, a wine cooler is an essential part of any home. Add a fun monogram to truly make it theirs.

Etsy | Zehr Custom Engraving

Whiskey Gift Bundle

Made in Michigan, this gift set includes a personalized whisky decanter, glasses, and coasters packaged in an adorable set! You can also buy each item separately.

outdoor movie screen
Pottery Barn

Outdoor Movie Screen

A definite splurge gift, this outdoor movie screen is perfect for your friends who are looking forward to entertaining friends, family, and new neighbors in their backyard.

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