The 5 Best Places to Buy a Mattress Online

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best places to buy mattresses online

A new year means a new opportunity for improved habits—and sleep should be at the very top of that list! Good health starts with good sleep, especially when you factor in how much of our lives we spend sleeping. But good sleep starts with a good mattress. And while we’re quick to make purchases online, buying a mattress online may feel odd to some tried-and-true testers. The truth is, buying a mattress online is just like buying anything online—you just have to find the right retailer. With that in mind, we did a bit of the legwork for you (we know you’re busy!) and found the best places to buy a mattress online right now.



Not sure where to start in your mattress shopping journey? Saatva’s “Mattress Quiz” is the place to start. The bedding company not only offers luxury products at attainable prices, but they also offer several styles to choose from so you can get the best night’s sleep for you. Innerspring, memory foam, a hybrid model, and an innerspring model just for kids are all on the menu here. Saatva even offers organic non-toxic crib mattresses, so it is a one-stop-family-mattress shop.



If you’re shopping for mattresses, this is definitely not the first time you’re hearing about Casper. The company set the standard for mattress-in-a-box when it launched back in 2014 (fun fact: A 2015 Instagram post from Kylie Jenner broke the company’s website, according to one of its founders). The original foam mattress is still a best-seller as far as mattresses go, and reviewers love the ease of delivery and modern aesthetic.



There’s nothing we wouldn’t buy from Wayfair. The home furnishings giant sells everything from pans to outdoor furniture and play structures, couches, decorative pillows, and even mattresses. When furnishing my new house, I looked to Wayfair for two twin mattresses for my 5-year-old son’s room, and not only was delivery easy, but the mattresses are also so comfortable. They are firm but not too hard and have just enough cushion to keep him cozy and sleeping happily.



Allswell is another online mattress retailer that garnered rave reviews from our team. Ally, our Chief of Sales & Marketing, has purchased five of these mattresses in the last three years alone. “I think the Allswell Luxe Hybrid is more comfortable than our way more expensive traditional mattress. I think the shipping and unpacking process is so simple, and if you like cozy, melt into the mattress beds—this is great, plus fairly budget friendly!” With four different styles for every type of sleeper (and sizes starting at crib mattresses), Allswell even gives consumers 100 nights risk-free to try the mattresses.


Mattress Firm

There’s something nice about a brick-and-mortar experience, and this trusted retailer offers both that and online mattress buying. My own personal experience with buying a mattress online from Mattress Firm was absolutely ideal—but I knew exactly the type, size, and brand of mattress I was looking to buy. When it came for delivery, it was seamless and they delivered the mattress straight to the bedroom.

While the mattress-in-a-box companies offer a certain level of convenience, getting a ready-to-go mattress delivered straight to your bedroom offers a certain level of ease that I personally enjoyed. They offer a variety of mattress types in several brands like Serta, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Sleepy’s, Stearns and Foster, and more. Like Saatva, their website offers a “Mattress Matcher” quiz to help you find the best mattress for your needs.


Buying a Mattress Online FAQs


When is the best time to buy a mattress?

Believe it or not, there are ideal times throughout the year to buy a mattress. Often, the big retailers (many listed above) will have holiday sales—like President’s Day in February or the Fourth of July—that make buying a mattress considerably more reasonable. And since new models of mattresses are generally released in the summer time, the summer holidays are usually a pretty great clearance time.


Do mattresses come with a warranty?

Many of the retailers mentioned above offer 100 or even 180-day risk-free guarantees, meaning that just like a piece of clothing, you can buy the mattress, take it home, try it out, and if it doesn’t suit you, return it for a full refund. Many mattress companies also offer a 5 or 10-year warranty if the mattress breaks or rips and you need to replace it.


What type of mattress should I buy? 

Mattresses vary in styles, from memory foam to latex, innerspring, and several that are hybrids of these styles. Whether you’re a back sleeper, front body sleeper, or side sleeper also determines which style best suits you. Consulting a specialist at a brick-and-mortar store or salon can be really helpful. Sizes usually go from twin, full, queen, king, and California king, with some retailers also selling crib mattresses.

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