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The Best Cups for the Toddler Years


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toddler drinking out of cups with cups behind"
toddler drinking out of cups with cups behind
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Just like there’s an endless list of bottle options for babies, there’s also an overwhelming amount of cup options for when your baby is ready to transition to a “big kid cup.” Maybe your child preferred certain bottles and refused others. The same thing could happen with sippy and straw cups. Take it from someone who has a graveyard of rejected sippy cups hidden in the depths of the kitchen cabinets. Toddler cups are not one-size fits all.

It can be overwhelming to sift through all the options. If you don’t know where to begin, there are a few categories you can choose from. There are straw cups, weighted straw cups, open cups, 360 degree cups, spout cups, and more. The different styles offer unique benefits for toddlers as they transition away from being breastfed or bottle-fed.

So here’s where we come in. We’ve got the 411 on all-things toddler cups. Learn when your kiddo might be ready for one, how to make the transition, and a few of our favorite options.  


When should you introduce a cup?

According to WebMD, it’s recommended to move away from bottles at about the 1-year age mark. However, it’s still OK if you don’t make the transition at that exact time. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends phasing out the bottle between 12 and 24 months of age.

While a bottle often offers comfort and is something your baby is used to, using bottles past the recommended age can lead to tooth decay and could change the positioning of your child’s teeth. Drinking a bottle while laying down can also lead to ear infections. So even if your little one is attached to their bottle, you’ll want to start working on the transition to remove it from their daily routine when they’re around 1 year old.


best toddler cups

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How to make the transition from a bottle to a cup

It can be challenging for little ones to switch to another type of cup, which is why it’s great that there are so many options. Test out a few and let your child experiment with them. It may take some time and will be frustrating and messy, but they’ll eventually learn how to use a straw and how to properly sip from an open cup. Since there are a variety of cup styles, it’s a good idea to let your child try a few different ones so they can master the various techniques.

As you’re shopping around, look for cups with weighted bottoms to reduce spills, ones that have weighted straws, ones that are spill proof (kids are known to wildly throw around their cups), ones with handles for easy holding, and ones that offer a soft material to protect your child’s teeth and gums.


Our toddler cup recommendations

If you’re feeling ready to make the leap into toddler cups, here are some we recommend trying. Note: while we recommend the following cups, it’s always best to discuss with your pediatrician for their recommendations as well.

Little Cup

This product from Lalo is both functional and adorable. The cup can be used with a straw or a spout, or you can open the top. The double handle makes it easy for little hands to hold, and its BPA-free silicone is soft on children's gums.

5 colors available
available in packs of 1, 2, and 4

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sippy cup with straw
Amazon | Mama Bear
Sippy Cup

This cup is an excellent first choice when moving away from bottles. The weighted straw makes it easy for little ones to sip through no matter how they're holding it. The handles make it easy to take on-the-go—or wherever your toddler is running off to.

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tiny cup
Target | ezpz
Tiny Cup

This appropriately named tiny cup is perfect for children and allows toddlers to practice sipping from an open cup. Drinking from an open cup is said to support speech development and help babies learn to have a strong swallow.

4 colors available

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Target | Olababy
Training Cup with Straw + Lid

This cup transitions from a straw top to an open cup, and the soft silicone protects teeth and gums. The straw is designed so kids can't pull it out of the cup, and the bottom is slightly weighted to reduce spilling.

2 colors available

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Maisonette | Avanchy
La Petite Silicone Mini Cup

This aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly cup helps little ones transition away from bottles. The cup is designed to allow for extra stability and has dedicated airflow, meaning it makes drinking easier. The straw also has a stopper so kids can't pull it from the top.

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nuk toddler cup
Amazon | NUK
Learner Cup

If you're looking for a spout cup, this one is a good transition from breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. The spout is wider than most, has handles for an easy hold, and features an Anti-Colic Air Vent that helps reduce swallowing air.

4 colors available

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Target | Munchkin
Miracle 360-Degree Trainer Cup

This spill-proof cup can be sipped through from any part of the top. The design helps support dental health and encourages muscle development in a child's mouth.

4 colors available

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Amazon | RE-PLAY
RE-PLAY No Spill Sippy Cups

These eco-friendly cups are an affordable and sturdy choice. They're safe to boil, refrigerate, freeze, and microwave.

20+ color combos available

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toddler cups
Target | Pillowfort
Tumbler 6-Pack

These no-frills cups are a bargain buy at $3 for a set of six. They're sturdy, come in fun colors, and are an easy pick for toddlers who have mastered drinking from an open cup or through a straw (we recommend pairing with the lids below and silicone straws of your choice).

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cup lids
Target | Pillowfort
Tumbler Lids 6-Pack

Use these lids with the above cups to keep messes to a minimum.

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toddler cups
Elk and Friends
Stainless Steel 10oz Drinking Tumbler 2-Pack

These cups do double duty because they can be used for drinks or as food storage (genius!). They're stainless steel jars that come with a silicone sleeve, lids, straws, and a cleaning brush. The straws also have a stopper so toddlers can't pull it out.

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sip cup lids
Amazon | Healthy Sprouts
Sippy Cup Lids

Turn any cup into a sippy cup with this set of five silicone lids.

2 color options available

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Amazon | Grosmimi
Spill-Proof Magic Sippy Cup

Put "spill proof" in the headline and we're sure to hit "add to cart." This BPA-free cup is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, and you can purchase different tops to go from nipples to spouts to straws.

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kids water bottle
Amazon | CamelBak
Eddy Kids Water Bottle

This spill-proof bottle is easy to use and easy to clean, but it's more suitable for kids who have already mastered a straw.

available in 25+ colors/patterns

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Yeti rambler
Rambler Jr. Bottle

If you're obsessed with YETI (and who isn't?), this junior version might be perfect for your toddler. It keeps drinks cold or hot and resists dents in case your child drops or throws it. The sipping may take some practice and probably wouldn't be the best first cup for your toddler, but it's a good option for when they're older.

11 colors available

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