10 Black Momfluencers We Love Following on Instagram


With so much technology at our fingertips, we have the opportunity to look into people’s lives like never before. This comes with positives and negatives, of course. Thanks to social media, we have heard about celebrity divorces before we see them play out on TV and listened to leaked songs before the musicians officially release them. Maybe we’ve even bought things based on a recommendation from someone we follow on social media.

When I was pregnant, I found following mom influencers was helpful to know what I really needed to buy versus what wasn’t worth the money. There are so many toys, diaper bags, and gadgets galore to choose from that can easily overwhelm a newly pregnant person.

As a Black mom though, I wanted to find “momfluencers” (AKA mom influencers) who looked like me. Many of the accounts I saw in my feed were of white moms, but learning from moms who knew Black culture was important to me, so I sought them out.



For example, when my son was born he came out with a full head of curly hair—it was beautiful! But, I wasn’t quite sure what I could use on a Black newborn’s curly hair. Black hair care is a whole culture in and of itself, so I knew the importance of proper hair care, but not when it came to a baby. This is why relating to and communicating with Black mom influencers throughout my parenthood journey has been crucial.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your feed or you’re a Black parent looking to follow other parents who look more like you, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite momfluencers I’m sure you’ll love too.


1. Mattie James | @themattiejames

Mattie is a powerhouse! She’s a wife, mom of three, and teaches budding influencers and bloggers tips and strategies on how to work with and get paid by big-name brands. From social media marketing to money management and more—if you’re looking to be inspired, start with Mattie James.


2. Sopha Rush | @sopharush

Sopha is like poetry in human form. On social media, she shares the real and raw parts of motherhood and marriage, and it’s beautiful. Whether you have a religious viewpoint or not, you’ll find motivation and inspiration from Sopha’s words and stories and will truly realize that we’re rarely alone in our struggles.


3. Noelle Boyer | @noellerboyer

A military wife and mom of two boys (with another little one on the way!), I love getting a behind-the-scenes look into Noelle’s life. The less-staged and minimally-curated look of Noelle’s feed is so relatable and it feels like she’s truly just the mom next door. She’s open, honest, and real—definitely a favorite follow.


4. Myleik Teele | @myleik

Myleik, a wife, mom of two, and Founder of CurlBox is like the brutally honest best friend you always knew you needed. She not only built her business from the ground up out of her living room, but also openly shares stories about online dating and motherhood on her podcast. If you’ve ever wanted a mom friend to give it to you straight and tell it like it is, Myleik is your girl.


5. Beverly Adams | @thebeverlyadams

Beverly has the closet of my dreams. A wife and mom to two boys, her effortless looks like sneakers with dresses and jeans with blazers are functional and fashionable—a style I’m also going for.


6. Onyi Azih | @sincerelyonyi

Onyi, a full-time Physicians Assistant and full-time motherhood and lifestyle blogger, is a great inspiration and resource for working moms trying to juggle it all. She’s a wife and mom to two boys and loves sharing ideas and tips on how to balance work, motherhood, and self-care.


7. Trinity Bradley | @trinitysierra

Trinity’s photography alone is enough to hit “follow.” Her photos are simple and full of beautiful earth tones. Plus, she’s a mom to two girls and wife to her “forever sweetheart” (aww!). A great IG follow for body-positive content and motherhood-realness.


8. Christina Jones | @christinajonesphoto

The smiles on Christina’s kids’ faces are amazing and her photography skills are on point. Christina is a wife and mom to two kids while also a content creator for female-led brands and businesses. She creates amazing stock photos that you can use to diversify your website or social media channels. I love a woman that supports and uplifts other women, don’t you?


9. Ashley Chea | @watermeloneggrolls

I found Ashley from her appearance on the Black Love documentary and really loved her honesty surrounding multicultural marriage. Just like she appears in the documentary, she is open, honest, and real about marriage and parenting on her social media. She is also a cofounder of Moms in Color, “a collective created for Black moms to celebrate diversity + motherhood.”


10. Kariss Farris | @karissfarris

Kariss, a wife and mom of three, is also a world-traveling photographer. She draws inspiration from her faith and shares honest messages about working motherhood. Again, whether you’re religious or not, you can find so many gems from Kariss’s writing and realness.


This story was originally published on October 22, 2020 and has been updated for timeliness. 


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