Count Down to Christmas With These Advent Calendars

It may be the day after Thanksgiving, but my toddler, Henry, has been watching Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas for at least two weeks now. (It’s on Netflix, in case you have a monkey-obsessed toddler, too). In it, George wakes up every morning at 5 am (sound familiar?) thinking it’s Christmas. The Man with the Yellow Hat makes a calendar for him to help visualize how many days away Christmas is.

So the Man with the Yellow Hat and I are in a similar predicament. How do we get Henry excited for the holidays but also explain that it’s not today (or tomorrow or the next day?). Enter advent calendars. Every morning starting on December 1st, we’ll count down to Christmas in an easy-to-understand way. Read on for the advent calendars that caught our eye this year.