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30+ Kids Toys We Love That Embrace Diversity and Inclusivity


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diverse toys for kids"
diverse toys for kids

As you fill your children’s play areas, you might be noticing a little lack of culture in those toy aisles or catalogs. Diverse or multicultural toys aren’t always as popular or trendy as many of the other wonderful toys stocking those aisles, and that often leaves us at a loss when it comes to prepping our kids’ playrooms.

Young kids’ minds are sharp and impressionable. Not only do they notice differences, but they also notice a lack of differences, as well. If we want our little ones to be open-minded and understanding of all people and cultures, it’s important to show them what that looks like. For those of us who are raising children of color, it’s also vital for us to show our kids they are represented in the world around them.

Just like it’s necessary to fill our kids’ shelves with diverse books, it’s as necessary to ensure that their playthings are exposing them to worlds outside of their own. The best part about it is that they are ever so welcoming to all people, places, and things. They love learning and knowing, and they respond to change better than any adult.

To raise those kind, compassionate kids into kind, compassionate adults, we have to start now–the work is hard and the road is long, but the effort has the potential to change the world.

If you’re looking for kids toys that celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and multiculturalism, shop 30+ of our favorites in the list below! 


Dolls & Figurines

Barbie Fashionistas Doll

This line of 12 Barbie Fashionistas dolls includes six body types, nine skin tones, six eye colors, and varying hairstyles. This Barbie doll has a limb difference and wears a prosthetic leg.

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Manhattan Toy
Playdate Friends Harper Doll

This adorable doll comes with a little bear friend to play with! More Playdate Friends available, too.

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Etsy | Modi Toys
Baby Ganesh Doll

This Baby Ganesh sings three popular mantras that make this stuffed animal both fun and educational.

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Basket of Babies Plush Dolls

This set of six, super-soft baby dolls is perfect to encourage your little ones to be nurturing and inclusive.

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Nahji Hearts for Hearts Doll

Hearts for Hearts dolls will donate $1 from each purchase to World Vision, a global humanitarian organization to better the lives of each of the dolls represented in their respective country.

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Amazon | PlayMonster
James Wonder Crew Superhero Buddy

James comes equipped with a matching cape and mask for your little ones to wear and have fun with!

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pearl the mermaid dolls
Cuddle + Kind
Pearl the Mermaid Doll

With the purchase of one of these adorable handmade dolls—that come in two different sizes—10 meals are given to children around the world.

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Playtime by Eimmie Baby Doll

Consider this your little one's new favorite doll. This rag doll is soft, plush, and high quality to last for years of playtime.

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Amazon | Cre8tive Minds
Friends with Diverse Abilities Figure Set

These figures are meant to introduce open-mindedness and diversity for your little ones.

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Amazon | Creatable World
Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit Customizable Doll

A 2020 Toy of the Year Award finalist, kids can create their own custom doll by mixing and matching over 100 features.

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Amazon | Selma's Dolls
The Lola Doll

The Lola Doll comes with a storybook for kids and parents to read together to talk about diversity and inclusion, from the mom-founded company Selma's Dolls.

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Barbie Inspiring Women Series: Rosa Parks Collectible Doll

We love Barbie's collection of inspiring women, and think every child should have this Rosa Parks doll in their collection.

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BMC Toys
Army Women Figures

Modeled by real female troops, these figurines showcase representation of U.S. soldiers.

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Amazon | Safari Ltd
Powhatan Historical Figurines

Teach your littles about the history of Indigenous peoples of the United States with this set of figurines of Powhatan Native Americans.

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Amazon | eeBoo
I Never Forget a Face Memory Matching Game

This game is not only fun, but will help little ones with their memory and recognition skills!

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Ms. Monopoly Board Game

Instead of the classic Monopoly game only featuring men, this Monopoly game celebrates female inventors and is the first game where
"women make more than men."

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Amazon | eeBoo
Children of the World Puzzle

With 100 pieces, kiddos can learn about children from other cultures while putting together this floor puzzle.

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Amazon | MaxiAids
Braille Playing Cards

This classic deck of cards features Braille on each card for blind and visually-impaired players.

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Amazon | Upbounders
A Day at The Barbershop Memory Game

A Montessori learning toy favorite, this memory game is both fun and great for cognitive development.

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Amazon | Barefoot Books
Children of the World Memory Game

Kids must match boy and girl pairs according to their traditional dress, country, and color featured on the card to encourage memory, inclusivity, and matching skills.

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Toys & Activities

kiwico atlas crate
Atlas Crate Subscription Activity Kit

With a monthly KiwiCo subscription, your kids will receive a package with two globally-inspired projects, inspiration booklets, activities to discover geography and other cultures, and an adventure book to help them discover more about different parts of the world.

Use code EVERYMOM for 30% off your first month's subscription of any KiwiCo line!

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Melissa & Doug Sushi Wooden Play Food Set

Your little ones can create their favorite sushi roll in this 24-piece sushi play set.

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kids coloring book
Pyramid Books
The Big Book of Faces Coloring Book

This coloring book for children is all about teaching your little ones that diversity exists.

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Lakeshore Learning
People Colors Crayon Pack

These crayons are a selection of colors that are meant to represent all different types of skin tones.

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Amazon | TzFioy
Rome Colosseum Building Blocks Set

Your little ones can have some fun playing and building this replica of the Roman Colosseum in Italy.

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Melissa & Doug
Taco and Tortilla Play Food Set

Have your kids cook up some tacos and burritos with this fun taco and tortilla play set.

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For Small Hands
Russian Nesting Dolls

Handcrafted in Russia, these wooden dolls are high quality and oh-so fun. Your kiddo will love the surprise of opening them up and finding another.

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Little Global Citizen
Subscription Box

The Little Global Citizen Box is a subscription service that sends kiddos information about countries and cultures throughout the world.

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Amazon | Whole Wide World Toys
World Village Playset: China Adventure

With this play set, children can learn about Chinese heritage and culture through fun, imaginative play.

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For Small Hands
Rainforest Instrument Set

These handmade wooden animals are actually instruments—your kids will be entertained by all the sounds!

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Little Passports
Monthly Learning Subscription: Kitchen Adventures

This subscription delivers a new culinary experience right to your door each month so kids can learn about cuisines from around the world.

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Amazon | Pick a Toy
Bamboo Rainstick

Not only does this rainstick produce a soothing sound, but it's also a great sensory toy for little ones.

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50+ Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity