30+ Spooktacular Halloween Treats to Make With Your Kids

halloween treats"
halloween treats
Source: Chelsea's Messy Apron and Well Plated by Erin Clarke
Source: Chelsea's Messy Apron and Well Plated by Erin Clarke

Whether it be for a Halloween party or just for fun, Halloween treats are a staple of the season—they’re adorable, festive, and so easy to make. Your kids will be excited to see the spooky faces emerge out of these recipes—from mummy cake-balls to caramel apples to Hocus Pocus-inspired brownies. Plus, they’re essentially a craft that just ends with you eating them rather than hanging them on the fridge.

Try one of these 30+ cute Halloween recipes to get you and your kids in the spooky spirit.


1. Spooky Spider Cookies

I personally can’t think of a sweeter treat than cookies, and my favorite flavor combo is  chocolate and peanut butter. It’s just an added bonus that these spider cookies with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups turn out this cute.


2. Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

It’s hard to tell who will love this more: mommy or a little one. Either way, this is a fun recipe to work on together and I have no doubt that none of it will be going to waste.


3. 4-Ingredient Oreo Bats

We love a fun, simple recipe that everyone in the family can enjoy. These adorable Oreo bats only require four ingredients, and we know they’ll be a quick family favorite.


4. Monster Munch Halloween Snack Mix

Warning: you won’t be able to stop snacking on this mix—it’s dangerously good. This quick, easy, tasty treat is the perfect addition to a family movie night.


5. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie bars are a classic sweet treat, and this recipe takes them one step further. The pumpkin flavor will be perfect for Halloween—we know everyone will want to munch on these!


6. Dark Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

We are big fans of this recipe because it’s a great way for little ones to get creative. They’ll have so much fun decorating their own pretzels with different kinds of sprinkles.


7. Candy Corn Cupcakes

It’s candy corn season once again, and this recipe is the perfect way to pay homage to the classic Halloween candy. Your little ones with a sweet tooth won’t be able to put these down.


8. Halloween Apple Mouths

If you need an inventive way to get the kids to eat their fruits, try making them spooky. These Halloween apple mouths are simple, delicious, and just spooky enough.

Halloween apple mouths

Source: PaleoLeap


9. Halloween Chocolate Cookies

While cookie decorating is generally seen as a Christmas time tradition, who’s to say we can’t do some decorating at Halloween? These chocolate cookies are a great way to do just that.


10. Gluten and Dairy-Free Owl Cupcakes

These owl cupcakes are the cutest recipe we’ve seen all year, and perfect for younger kids who may want to snack on something a little less spooky. Plus, they’re both gluten and dairy-free!


11. Hocus Pocus Spellbook Brownies

In honor of the Hocus Pocus sequel that premiered on Disney+ last year, we had to include these enchanting spellbook brownies. Your little ones will love having a part of the movie to munch on while watching the new film.

book brownies

Source: 40 Aprons


12. Halloween Snack Board

What will make your kids happier than having all of their favorite snacks on one plate? Having all of their favorite snacks and decorating the board for Halloween.


13. Baked Pumpkin Donuts

One of my least favorite things to do as a kid was go grocery shopping with my parents, but my mom knew she could always get me to agree with the promise of a donut from the bakery. I know if she had told me we could make some at home together, it would’ve been the best day of my life.

halloween donuts

Source: The Worktop


14. Caramel Apple Board

Nothing says “fall” quite like caramel apples—they are staple treat at any festival, pumpkin patch, or apple orchard. This year, bring the festivities right to your home and allow your little ones to make a caramel apple any way they like.


15. Chocolate Pretzel Spiderwebs

This has to be one of the most creative and fun recipes I’ve seen to date, and one that I know the kids will love to make.


16. Dirt Cup Brownie Bites

As an avid Oreo lover, dirt cups has always been a favorite dessert of mine. If Oreos are big in your household as well, try this gluten-free and vegan spin on a classic, beloved recipe this Halloween season.


17. White Chocolate Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

These cookies are sure to curb any sweet tooth craving, as they have something for everyone: white chocolate, peanut butter, and Reese’s—oh, my!


18. Caramel Apple Dip

Speaking of caramel apples, this recipe offers you the opportunity to try them like you never have before. I know this dip wouldn’t last very long in my house.


19. Spooky Spider Cupcakes

If you or your little ones are like me, the only way you’re ever going to like spiders is if they’re made out of chocolate. We love this fun, spooky recipe that’s healthier than a normal cupcake recipe.

spooky spider cupcakes

Source: SkinnyTaste


20. Mummy Cake Balls

It doesn’t get much cuter than these mummy cake balls. Plus, they’re made with fat-free Greek yogurt, making them a healthier, yummy snack.

skinny mummy cake balls

Source: SkinnyTaste


21. Monster Oreos

Colorful and bursting with eyes for extra spooky fun, these candy melt-covered Oreos are definitely a way to jazz these cookies up. Plus, you can use all types of your favorite Oreos flavors! 


22. Ghost and Mummy Banana Popsicles

To add a bit of healthiness to the bounty of Halloween sweets, try this recipe–kids will love swirling the bananas in Greek yogurt, dusting the ghosts with powdered sugar, and drizzling the mummies with peanut butter (or a nut-free substitute)!


23. Halloween Fruit Tray

Another healthy option that combines fresh fruits and playful presentations of some of Halloween’s key players–ghosts, monsters, and Frankensteins!


24. Zombie Fingers

Instantly transform string cheese into creepy fingers, and create colorful nails using this recipe’s suggestions or by swapping in some of your own ideas.


25. Halloween Marshmallow Bars

With only four ingredients, you can whip up these melt-in-your-mouth treats. Caution: they’re quite addicting once you start you start popping them into your mouth!


26. French Bread Pizza Mummies

For all the sugar-spun creations that give Halloween its sweet reputation, here’s a savory ghoul of a snack to balance that out. If your kiddos aren’t olive eaters, you can always try little pepperonis/sausage, pieces of green/yellow pepper, or an orange-colored cheese for the eyes. 

halloween treats to make with kids

Source: Skinnytaste


27. Spooky Halloween Marble Cake

Let’s not leave out the vampires! This bright red and black marble cake is certainly a festive treat dripping with ‘blood’ and deliciousness.


28. Jack O’ Lantern Fruit Tray and Dip

Could there be a cuter way to arrange mandarin slices, grapes, and blueberries while getting into Halloween spirit? Of course, the eyes can be recolored with whatever favorite fruits your kids will love most. Meanwhile, the fruit dip is a cloud-like combination of… well, explore the recipe to discover its secret!

halloween treats to make with kids

Source: No. 2 Pencil


29. Creepy Cute Frankenstein Rice Krispies

Another spin on Rice Krispie bars, but this time you become Victor Frankensteins in the kitchen, and build your very own experimental–and edible–creatures!


30. Candy Corn Halloween Bark

A super easy Halloween confetti-looking creation of melted white chocolate, generously garnished with candy corn, pumpkin seeds, and sprinkles. You can always mix in or replace toppings with festive candy of your kids’ choosing!


31. Peanut Butter Nutella Candy Bar Brownie

A Halloween treat menu wouldn’t be complete without a chocolatey Nutella option to devour. This recipe starts with a homemade Nutella brownie base, and is finished off with a chocolate Nutella sauce and… candy, of course!

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