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The Ultimate Girls’ Day Awaits: 15 Fun Mother-Daughter Activities to Try

mother-daughter activities"
mother-daughter activities
Source: @meg.boggs
Source: @meg.boggs

One of the best transitions in parenthood is when your kid becomes old enough to hang out with you as a friend. During the first few years of life with littles, taking your kid out and about is barely ever easy—babies need a lot of attention, and toddlers don’t have the patience for much. But it’s still important to make memories and do things as a family, even if it’s difficult.

Somewhere along the way, though, kids grow out of that stage and are old enough to become genuinely good company. They are no longer someone to care for when you’re out, but someone to converse and spend time with. My oldest daughter is 8-years-old and loves to spend time with me doing more grown up mother-daughter activities. And we have a blast because she is so much fun to hang out with. I have a 1-year-old at home too and she can only tolerate activities for a short amount of time. It’s been special to bring my older daughter with me for some one-on-one bonding time and leave the toddler with dad.

If you’re looking to do the same and create some new memories, here are 15 special mother-daughter activities you’ll want to add to the calendar soon.

1. Enjoy Dinner and a Show

These are the plans we had when I first realized that I was no longer “caretaking” when I was out with my daughter, but was spending time with her as company. We went to see a Frozen adaptation and have dinner with another mom/daughter duo. We had such a great afternoon that I started brainstorming other activities we could do together. I have some other plays, musicals, and dance performances on my radar.

2. Do Lunch and Nails

Nothing is more relaxing than having a nice conversation while sitting in pedicure chairs. It’s the perfect weekend activity to end with a nice lunch. I usually try to pick a place that I wouldn’t bring my toddler so that it feels more “adult” and special.

3. Hit the Shops

My perfect weekend day would include finding a walkable town with a bunch of unique shops to browse for treasures. Set a budget for the day and find a few special items to bring home. I try to make sure we buy something that we couldn’t usually get at our regular shopping locations.

4. Go Out for High Tea

A special occasion activity would be to dress up and find a hotel or restaurant and have afternoon tea. If you live near an American Girl Store, you can make reservations there as well for a memorable experience.

5. Have a Pool Day

The whole vibe of a pool day changes when you’re not chasing around a toddler that can’t swim. Instead you can relax in the water on a hot day, lay out on lounge chairs together, and maybe cheers with a couple tropical mocktails.

mother daughter pool day
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6. Snuggle Up for a Sleepover Party

Bond during a classic sleepover party at home; pajamas, games, popcorn, candy, and staying up late telling stories or watching movies together in bed.

7. Try a Painting Class

Sign up for a canvas painting class at a local studio. Plenty of places offer classes with age-appropriate projects for kids and have a project for adults simultaneously.

8. Visit a Coffee Shop or Ice Cream Parlor

If you don’t have a ton of time, a coffee shop or ice cream date is a perfect weekday activity. Sit at a table with your favorite treat and catch up on the work and school day. To spark more meaningful conversation, try out these questions to ask your kid instead of “How was school?”

9. Go to a Farmer’s Market

When the weather is nice enough, many communities will host a seasonal farmers market. Head there together and pick out some fresh fruits, veggies, and even a gorgeous bouquet of flower to take home. Once you get back, you can spend the rest of the afternoon washing the fruits and vegetables, and maybe even baking something with the goodies you brought home.

 10. Plan a Hike

Find a local trail to explore and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy amongst the scenery. Take some mother-daughter time to recharge during a slow afternoon out in nature.

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11. Take a Yoga Class

Bond over a simple fitness practice like a beginner’s yoga class. You’ll share plenty of giggles over the more challenging moves, get a good stretch in, and maybe even find a new hobby to do together again. End the outing with a trip to a smoothie or frozen yogurt shop for a sweet treat.

12. Have a Picnic in the Park

This is a fun one that will feel like an extra special outing. Pack up your favorite snacks, some beverages for a sunny day, and a blanket to lounge on and head to a local park. Go as simple or as big as you want. Some fun extras you can include are pillows to sit on, a small table to eat on, and a simple bouquet to decorate the table.

13. Go to the Movies

Make an afternoon of seeing a much-anticipated movie in the theaters, complete with a big bucket of popcorn to share.

14. Volunteer Together

There’s no proud mama moment that compares to watching your little girl help others. What’s even better is if you can make a difference together. Whether it’s at a local humane society or a highway cleanup in your community, you two will quickly bond over doing something good for others.

15. Make a Scrapbook

Make memories while looking back on old ones? Sounds like a win-win! Get crafty by picking up the supplies to make a scrapbook. Colorful paper, fun stickers, and printed off photos will combine to make a memory keepsake you’ll never let go of. Pick a special event you have several pictures from, or go big with pictures from the whole last year. No matter what you do, you’re going to enjoy crafting it together.

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