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Grandpa Nickname Ideas: 21 of the Sweetest Names to Consider

written by BELLA GIL
Source: Canva
Source: Canva

Niche hobbies, slipped dollar bills from a handshake, silly jokes, building skills like no other: put these things together and what do we have? A grandpa. We don’t think it’s possible to ever understand how much love and tenderness the grandfathers in our lives feel for us, and there’s no better way to regard them as such than with special grandpa nicknames. 

We asked our lovely Everymom readers what their kiddos call the grandpas in their lives—and boy, did they deliver. From sharing names from different cultural backgrounds to silly slips of the tongue, we couldn’t help but take in and appreciate all the different names for the family patriarch. Read on for 21 nicknames we love for the grandfathers in your life.


21 of the Sweetest Grandpa Nicknames


1. Gramps

It’s classic for a reason! Gramps is cute to define a stellar grandfather and sounds cute coming out of a grandchild’s mouth.


2. Lolo

The Filipino word for grandfather, Lolo in Tagalog pairs perfectly with Lola for grandmother.


3. Lito

When abuelito is too much of a mouthful, readers shared that their LO’s shortened the Spanish word for grandfather to Lito or Ito.


4. Welo

Another take on the Spanish word abuelo, Welo rolls off the tongue easily (and sounds adorable coming from the grandkids).


5. Opa

Readers with German heritage shared that Opa is widely used and popular in their families.


6. Wi-Tsi-Ko

One reader shared that Wi-Tsi-Ko means grandfather in the Osage language, originating from the Osage people of Oklahoma.



7. Pop-Pop

Popularized in the Southern United States, Pop-Pop is a fun repetitive way to refer to a granddad.


8. Grandude

For the totally cool grandpas out there, Grandude is ideal for just about any and every grandpa.


9. Pake

Meaning grandpa in the Frisian languages, a Dutch dialect, pake is pronounced as “pa-keh.”


10. Tata

Most used in Latin American cultures, Tata is a different—yet still widely used—take on grandpa as opposed to abuelo or abuelito.


11. Papa

Popular not only nationwide but also globally, many readers opt for Papa when it comes to referring to a super-special grandpa.


12. Zaydie

Yiddish for grandfather, readers with a Jewish heritage shared that they refer to their grandfathers as Zaydie, which could also be spelled a variety of ways.


13. Nonno

Readers shared that Nonno is how Italian families refer to their grandfathers, paired with Nonna for grandmother.



14. Poppy

Who wouldn’t want their grandpa to share a name with a bold and beautiful flower? Sure, we know it’s a play on papa or grandpa, but the double meaning is as cute as the name itself.


15. Grumps

Multiple readers shared that the grandpas in their LO’s life like to go by Grumps or Grumpy. Whether it was a mispronunciation or he lives up to the name, that’s for you to decide.


16. Dziadek

Pronounced “jah-deck,” readers shared this Polish name for grandfather, which could also be spelled as Dziadzia.


17. Jiddo

Our readers with an Arabic background shared that they use the word Jiddo to refer to their grandfathers, which is commonly used by those with Middle Eastern backgrounds.


18. Père

The French nickname for grandfather, Père is short for grandpère, which is the traditional word for grandpa. Little ones who love Daniel Tiger are likely already familiar with Daniel’s beloved grandfather, Grandpère, who is often wearing a beret.


19. Bumpa

Popular among readers, Bumpa is commonly used and based off of mispronunciations while the LO’s are learning to talk.


20. Captain

One reader shared that their LO refers to their grandpa as Captain, after his lifelong role as a fire captain.


21. Grandpop

When grandpa just won’t cut it, multiple readers prefer the alternative Grandpop instead.

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