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How I’m Celebrating Mother’s Day With My Newborn

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Life with a newborn can get very mundane very quickly. It’s all feed, sleep, play, change diaper, repeat—for weeks on end.

So when holidays come along, I try to make them extra special. If this is your first Mother’s Day celebrating with your newborn, congratulations! It’s probably going to be an emotional day; I know it was with my first. As moms, we tend to put our children first and ourselves second, so Mother’s Day helps us remember that our needs matter too.

This Mother’s Day, I’ll also have an infant (along with my three other children). Here’s how I’m planning to make Mother’s Day special with my newborn and how you can, too.


Making the Plan

If you have school-aged children, Mother’s Day is really fun to plan. They can bring you breakfast, hand make your gifts, and go out to eat without the fear of a tantrum or mishap. All of you first-time mamas have this to look forward to once your little one starts to grow.

But if you have a newborn this Mother’s Day, planning can get a little trickier. Since doctors typically say to stay away from large crowds until baby has their 2-month vaccines, dining out at a crowded restaurant may not be your first choice. But since newborns sleep a lot, you may be able to get away with celebrating somewhere outside the home. However, staying in with your baby can be super special, too. Whatever you choose, make sure it is going to be as low-stress for you as possible.


Having Breakfast in Bed

This is a time-honored tradition for Mother’s Day because it’s pretty awesome. If you’re solo, making your breakfast (or ordering in) and having it in bed with your baby is the first step to pampering yourself, which is the very point of Mother’s Day. You can use this time to unwind and, for a moment, not worry about anything.

If you’re partnered, this is where they can shine. Not only can your partner make you breakfast, but they can also give you a break and spend time with the baby, so you can shower and get ready in peace.

I’m going to enjoy a slow morning with my breakfast in bed, my partner and all my babies, and just watching TV and talking. I enjoy this quality time more than going out anywhere anyway.



Getting Dressed Up

My entire family participates in this. I get everything ready the night before by helping each child choose their outfit and choosing my own. And I don’t mean jeans and a T-shirt. I am going to dress up as if I was going on a date with my partner or out to a nice restaurant with friends. This is a great way to start looking forward to the special day.

And I’m going to take lots of pictures of this momentous occasion. I don’t know about you, but I barely have the energy to change out of my pajamas during those first couple of weeks with a newborn, so dressing up would be a big deal and something nice to document (and ensure I’m in some photos from my kids’ childhood). Plus, you’ll remember what it feels like to be yourself again. I know it does for me. 


Going Outside

Fresh air is always a good idea. Just because you’re staying away from large crowds doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. May is a lovely time of year and great for picnics, so this year, I’m hoping to find a nice shady area at a park near my house and have a Mother’s Day picnic. If picnics aren’t your thing, you can always go to your favorite outdoor spot or just take a walk around the block. It’s all about that quality time spent with your baby and family on this special day.


Leaving Behind Mom Guilt for a Day

This is much less a to-do and is more a way of life, but it’s the most important component of all on this special day. My plan is to do absolutely nothing and feel zero guilt. Forget the dishes and the laundry. Dinner—what’s that? I know how mom guilt slowly creeps in and can wreck your day, so I’m making a conscious decision to not feel any guilt this Mother’s Day. 

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