Mother's Day

5 Ways Moms Can Celebrate Themselves This Mother’s Day

Source: Social Squares
Source: Social Squares

How do you envision your perfect Mother’s Day? Does it involve a special bouquet of flowers, a home-cooked brunch, and an endless supply of beautifully written cards? Does it include time away from your family? Too often, loved ones gleefully share the many ways they appreciate moms on one day, only for things to go back to “normal” the next. With more moms sharing what they truly want for Mother’s Day, it’s less of a secret that there’s no one-size-fits-all vision for celebrating.

That’s not to say moms don’t appreciate the gestures of loved ones because that’s not true. I’m sure you love the different ways your family shows their appreciation for you. But when’s the last time you stopped to celebrate yourself—especially on Mother’s Day?

Between juggling work schedules and doctors appointments to the extra stressors of parenting during the last few years, feeling weary at times is inevitable. The thought of finding time to practice self-care may even produce tears or more frustration (you’re not alone). Yet, as much as you find time to show up for others, prioritizing yourself is equally important.

So while your family may rally together to let you know how special you are on Mother’s Day, here are five ways you can also celebrate yourself.


1. Give Yourself Permission to Not Do Anything

All moms work hard, whether they collect a paycheck or not. There isn’t an award for how much you’re able to take on without giving yourself a chance to breathe—to simply exist. Maybe you don’t even want to celebrate “Mother’s Day.” If you can, step away from the superwoman role of mom. 

Instead of feeling like you have to extinguish every fire that comes up—and before you make yourself readily available for others—show up for yourself by not doing anything. These moments of pause are well-deserved beyond Mother’s Day too. “Nothing” can look like taking an extended, undisturbed nap, reading a book, or catching up on your favorite TV series with a nice glass of wine (or two). 



2. Revisit an Old Hobby

Having a child affects a mother’s life profoundly. But being a mom is not the only part of any person’s identity. Reignite something you enjoyed before you were a mom—and it doesn’t have to be big. Maybe you enjoyed taking long runs at sunrise (which is now precisely when your baby wakes up) or strolling solo through an art museum (your kids are too young to appreciate). Connecting with the person you were before you were somebody’s mother can be a great way to celebrate you. 


3. Take Your Time in Your Favorite Store

If you have a partner or kids who complain that “mommy is taking too long in the store,” then this is dedicated to you. Where do you love to shop? Is it Target, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or your favorite local boutique or antique shop? Take your time to browse and walk the aisles.

Whatever interests you when you go to your favorite store is what you should give yourself permission to focus on for as long as you please. And if you happen to come home with your own Mother’s Day gift, enjoy it!



4. Schedule a Relaxing Spa Day for One

Have you found yourself sneaking away for alone time in the bathroom? If so, Mother’s Day calls for time at the spa. Whether you decide to physically visit a spa around Mother’s Day or create your own oasis at home is up to you. The point is that you deserve to unwind in a bath full of relaxing sea salt soaks, a massage, or a facial to restore your glow. 


5. Check in With Yourself and Celebrate Who You Are

This may not sound exhilarating, but pausing to truly appreciate yourself is one of the best ways to celebrate. It’s easy to look at yourself as “just” someone’s mother, but you are more than that. In case anyone didn’t tell you, being a mother is just one aspect of who you are. Maybe you’ve changed from who you used to be and maybe you haven’t. No matter how you choose to show up in the world, all of you deserves to be celebrated.


Remember, your celebration doesn’t have to begin or end with Mother’s Day. You can celebrate as much as you deem necessary because why not? There isn’t a rule that says mothers are only allowed to look, dress, and exist a certain way. If you can, give yourself permission to remember how amazing you are!

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