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6 Items That Make Leaving the House Easier for My Child With Autism

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As a mom with my own disabilities, I have had practice at adapting to life with added challenges to adjust to my mental and physical health needs. But when it came to parenting a child who also had special needs, specifically Autism and ADHD, I learned things went better when I prepared certain items to make life easier for both of us. 

To me, having a child with special needs is just like having a child without; both come with challenges, but both are also very rewarding. At first, I felt like a bad mom for relying a bit on technology and snacks that some would consider a “bribe” for good behavior. But after a refresher course in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy, I realized that it was OK to utilize items that were used for positive reinforcement and comfort was necessary. 

Here are our go-to items for going out:

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1. Kid-Size Backpack

Having his own place for his favorite toys, gadgets, etc. promotes autonomy and makes my mom bag a little lighter.

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2. Kids Noise Cancelling Headphones

Loud noise, buzzing, etc. can be a trigger and cause major meltdowns. So, I make sure to keep these in my bag whenever we leave the house.

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3. Marble Fidgets

Small enough to fit in a pocket or purse without weighing you down.

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4. Chewable Necklace

This occupational therapist-recommended necklace is a fun shape and great for redirecting nail biting and chewing on clothes.

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5. Kids Sensory-Friendly Face Mask

My son is big on rules and routine, so luckily, he tolerates masks pretty well. This soft cotton mask doesn't have ear loops, which can be a problem for kids with sensory issues. I don't have this exact mask for my son, but it would be one I'm willing to try.

Multiple colors available!

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6. Weighted Vest

This can help with overload and calm children with sensory processing disorder.

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