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Kindergarteners Adorably Share Their Excitement, Hopes & Expectations for Their First School Year

written by ERIN CELLETTI
Source: Canva
Source: Canva

A phrase that you’ll hear over and over again in your parenting journey is “Time is a thief.” These four little words will prove themselves to be true time and time again but are perhaps at their most poignant when the time comes for your baby to head off to kindergarten—I know because I’m going through it.

Five years have now passed in a *blurry* flash and now my little lady, along with all her friends, are off to start their elementary school journeys in “real” schools, with “real” teachers, and in “real” classrooms. Whether they’re daycare and preschool pros who are used to the classroom and teacher life or it’s their first time out there in the “real world” without you—all soon-to-be kindergartners are bound to have lots of opinions regarding their upcoming milestone.


Kindergarteners Share What They’re Thinking About the Upcoming School Year

So amid back-to-school shopping, picking out a backpack and lunchbox, and stocking up on school supplies, I asked a crew of 4 and 5-year-olds what they were thinking, feeling, and wondering ahead of their first day of kindergarten. From the mouths of babes, here’s what they had to say about the upcoming school year.


About Their Teachers

“I’m nervous. That’s it. It’s gonna be a new teacher and I want it to be nice.” — Madison, 5

“I’m feeling happy. I can’t wait to draw a picture for my teacher. Is my teacher sweet? I hope she is nice.” — Blake, 5


About New Friendships and Classroom Dynamics

“I feel excited because I’m going to have a couple new friends and a couple of my old friends.” — Sienna, 5

“I am nervous about meeting all new friends on my first day of kindergarten.” — Hailey, 4.5

“I already said how I feel. Scared. Because I don’t know people there and I don’t know the teacher either. So it makes me sad and scared…but it would be silly if someone pooped their pants in kindergarten.”— JJ, 4.5

“I’m nervous about new friends being mean to me or not letting me be friends with them, but then I will just tell the teacher. I wonder what my classroom will look like.” — Alessia, 5

“I’m excited and nervous. I’m worried about bullies or nobody liking me but I was nervous for camp and I made a lot of friends there.” — Oliver, 5.5


kindergartners on the first day of school

Source: Canva


About What They’ll Learn in Kindergarten

“I can’t wait to make new friends and the best thing is, I get to go on school trips. And, one of my camp friends will be in my class.”— Alessia, 5

“I’m wondering if I am going to read any books. I am excited to do more math. I have questions about kindergarten, so, I’m going to ask if I will learn more math from higher numbers. I think the best part about kindergarten will be learning more math. Also, will I do home lunch or go to the cafeteria for lunch? I am so excited to wear all my new clothes.” — Hailey, 4.5

“I think I’m going to really, really, really have fun…and I think I’m going to learn to read.” — Fitz, 5

“I feel happy because I love going to school! I’m not nervous.” — Colden, 4.5

“Happy. Nervous. Scared. Happy. I think I’m going to have fun.” — James, 5

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