The Everymom’s Guide to Starting Kindergarten

Starting school is one of the biggest milestones for your little one, but also for you as a parent. These are the first years of true independence for your child—one day they are just learning how to put one foot in front of the other and, in the blink of an eye, they’re starting kindergarten. It’s a tricky time for both kids and parents—lots of emotions, lots of preparing, and lots of tears on both sides. But we’re here to make the first day of school, particularly for kindergarten, a little easier on everyone. From the skills they need to master before day one, to lunch ideas that will carry you through the school year, we’ve curated everything you need to know before kindergarten into one helpful resource.

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Getting Ready
Kindergarten Essentials
The Ultimate Checklist
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Getting Ready

everymom tip
To help support their social growth, lean into inclusivity when it comes to birthday invites, playdate meetups, etc. Get the other parents’ numbers—even if it feels awkward to ask.

Kindergarten Essentials

Our editors swear by these labels. Use them on everything: water bottles, sneakers, clothes, backpacks, etc.
We love the minimalist look of this personalized sign. Bonus points for being usable for first and last day of school photos!
Add your little one’s name, grade, the year, and maybe even some career aspirations and you’ve got yourself the perfect keepsake.
For the little one that can have a hard time separating, these matching bracelets will ease the first day of jitters of being away from mom and dad.
Books are a great way to get kids psyched for the new school year. Additionally, it can also serve as a keepsake!
Customizing your little one's morning routine with visuals helps them plan their day before and after school.
everymom tip
As busy parents, it’s important for us to make our everyday tasks as effortless as possible. Nailing down a routine is crucial for curbing our stress levels during the busy days at the beginning of the school year.

Get Everything You Need

everymom tip
Skills like building independence, being social with peers, listening, and following directions are higher on the readiness list for kindergarten than academic ones.

Check These Off Your List

An editor favorite, this Bentgo lunch box features five compartments that are perfectly designed for kids. Plus, it's also leak-proof so there is no worrying about spills.
One of our editors has the genius tip of having kids wear Crocs inside school in the winter when they take off their snow boots.
Pottery Barn Kids' durable and functional Mackenzie backpack comes in many adorable patterns and all options can be personalized.
This bottle is leak-proof, so it ensures none of their belongings get damaged due to spills. Plus, kids will love picking out the design—there are so many cute options.
everymom tip
Don’t forget things that won’t make it on the official supplies list like water bottles, lunch boxes, a school backpack, or new shoes. Be sure to label everything, especially for younger kids prone to leaving things on the playground.

All About Lunch

everymom tip
Before the first day of kindergarten, your little one should be able to use their lunch container without help, put on and zip up their own coat, hang up their backpack, and get their shoes on and off.