10 Cute and Creative First Day of School Picture Ideas

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Taking photos of your kid on the first day of school is a time-honored mom tradition. I still love looking back on my own elementary school pics, even at peak awkward stage, standing in front of our house in my plaid uniform jumper beside my brothers.

While so much of our generation’s childhood was captured in one camera shot, our children are now subjected to SO many moments we want to save (thank you, smartphones!). Curating all of our kid’s childhood photos can be a job in and of itself—but that’s a post for another day. Today, we’ve rounded up some simple ideas to creatively capture your child’s first day of school.

We’re certainly not suggesting you do all of these, lest your kid is frowning once they actually arrive at school; but hopefully, they spark an idea or two. And you’ll have a few (or a few hundred) memories to look back on and smile—or laugh.

We’ve rounded up 10 ways to get creative with photos this year—scroll down to see!


1. With a Letter Board or a Chalkboard Sign

first day of school picture ideas

Source: @ojuspatel

first day of school picture ideas

Source: @strollergang


Letter Board

The perfect option to use year after year and for multiple kids.

7 colors available


Felt Letter Board

Want to fit more words on a bigger sign? Try this 12" x 17" version.

10+ colors available

Etsy | Bloom Owl

First Day of School Chalkboard

An actual chalkboard (not a printable) that can be customized with your child's name and updated with chalk or chalk pens each year.

Etsy | Mr C Wood Products

First Day of School Rustic Sign

Perfect to use with more than one child, this option is minimalist and cute.


2. With Celebratory Balloons

first day of school picture ideas

Source: @mama.jots

Etsy | Trace Paper Pen

Hello School Balloon

What kid doesn't love a balloon? Options available from preschool through senior year of high school.


3. With Their Sibling(s)


4. With Their Homeschooling Set-Up


5. With Their First Day of School Picture From Last Year

first day of school picture ideas

Source: How Does She


6. With a Festive Flag

Etsy | Ting Stationary

First Day of School Flag

Add ribbon to this black and white pennant for a little flair.

Printable version also available here.

The Letterman Co

First and Last Day School Pennant

A retro felt pennant you can use year after year.

The Letterman Co

School Grade Pennant

Another adorable felt pennant available in multiple colors.

Etsy | Whimsical Darlings Co

First Day of School Flag Printable

Add ribbon or other accessories to adorn this easy-to-create printable flag.


7. With a High School Graduation T-Shirt (That they’ll grow into a bit more each year!)

Etsy | Star Art Design USA

Class of 2033 Shirt

Decide whether you want them to grow into the shirt each year or choose a size they can wear right now.

sizes 2T - Adult XXXL

multiple colors available

Etsy | Mamm Clothing

Graduation Class Personalized Shirt

A T-shirt they can grow into. Comes in adult sizes XS - 2XL.

multiple colors available


8. With Their Masks

first day of school picture ideas

Source: @tolinivega


9. With Fun Props

Etsy | Glitter Party Co

First Day of School Pencil Banner

We love a banner and this pencil version with pink felt balls is too cute! Use as a photo background year after year.

Party City

Back-to-School Photo Booth Kit

Make taking the photo a little more fun with a makeshift photo booth and back-to-school props.


First Day of School Decorations

Or create your own by adding a few school-themed props.


10. With Their New School Gear


Bonus: With Mom (or Dad!)

Because we know it’s a rare moment when mom gets in the picture.

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