10 Cute First Day of School Picture Ideas

Taking photos of your kid on the first day of school is a time-honored mom tradition. I still love looking back on my own elementary school pics, even at peak awkward stage, standing in front of our house in my plaid uniform jumper beside my brothers.

While so much of our generation’s childhood was captured in one camera shot, our children are now subjected to SO many moments we want to save (thank you, smartphones!). Curating all of our kid’s childhood photos can be a job in and of itself – but that’s a post for another day. Today, we’ve rounded up some simple ideas to creatively capture your child’s first day of school.

We’re certainly not suggesting you do all of these, lest your kid is frowning once they actually arrive at school; but hopefully, they spark an idea or two. And you’ll have a few (or a few hundred) memories to look back on and smile – or laugh.


1. By Your Front Door

Maybe you move later and will want to remember the house. Maybe you want to see how the door scales as your child grows taller through the years. Either way, a front door pic is a classic one to capture.


2. With Their Backpack

You may also want this pic for scale as they grow. Especially in those first years of school, your child looks so humorously small compared to their school backpack.


Source: @tinygirlgang


3. With Their Sibling(s)

Sibling pics are hard, so don’t go for perfection here. A silly face or a spontaneous hug will be fun to look back on years from now.


4. Chalk it Up

Use a chalkboard sign or get creative sidewalk chalk for an easy-to-execute pic.


5. With a Q&A Sign

Grab a letter board, large chalkboard, dry-erase board, or simply create a DIY sign with some construction paper and capture their answers to questions like, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Many Etsy shops also offer printables you can buy and customize with a few clicks.


6. By Their School Bus or School

Depending on whether you drop your child at school, or the bus picks them up, it can be fun to capture some of the school contexts. Just be ready to snap a quick bus stop pic — you don’t want to hold up the route!


7. With Their Teacher or In Their Classroom

If your school offers teacher meet and greets, you may want to check this one off at that time. Some schools don’t allow parents into the classroom at drop-off for safety reasons (which should always be followed).



8. When They Get Home

Whether you pick them up or they get off the bus, see if you can get a smile before hearing all about day one.


9. A Silly One

Let their personality shine through in a fun candid!


10. One With You

Don’t forget to have someone take a quick pic with mom. Even if it’s a selfie, get yourself in a picture while they’re still willing to pose with their parents.


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