8 Latina Mom Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Sources: @latinamomdiaries, @alealealejandraaa.I, @jaycacinto, @xicana_mama, @nurturedbynat & @latinamomm
Sources: @latinamomdiaries, @alealealejandraaa.I, @jaycacinto, @xicana_mama, @nurturedbynat & @latinamomm

Despite my newfound love of TikTok, I am still pretty obsessed with Instagram. From home decor to mom hacks to lifestyle bloggers—I just love scrolling through a beautiful feed from women on this motherhood journey just like me.

Unfortunately, one downside I’ve experienced is from moms who have made a side hustle of selling fitness drinks and whatnot by sliding into DMs, which is just not why I’m on Instagram. But due to a recent #hack I learned, I have been able to curate my feed to see more content from fellow Latina moms by engaging with their content: watching their stories and liking, commenting, and sharing their posts.

It has been a win-win for me, because I get to support other Latina moms by boosting their content, and also get to see a more representative feed full of wonderful families that resemble my own. There is such power in having daily representation and a diversified feed, including these eight Latina accounts I love.


1. Juli | @julisimmons_

Juli is not only a wonderful mother but also a rockstar who is juggling a career and grad-school. Her feed is always full of beautiful pictures showing off her great fashion sense but also keeping it real in her captions, as she frequently shares the challenges of motherhood and trying to do it all.


2.  Perla Farias | @xicana_mama

As a mother of four—including twins—this mami is a rockstar. Perla’s feed is full of beautiful snapshots of her family and frequently adds in self-care tips, activities for kids, and an inside look at the ins and outs of breastfeeding twins.


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3. Jessica Beltran | @latinamomdiaries

Do you adore unfiltered motherhood, beauty, and self-love content? Well, look no further! Jessica is one of my favorite Latina Instagrammers, and as a non-fluent Spanish speaker, I also really appreciate how she also captions most of her posts in Spanish and English.


4. Nat | @nurturedbynat

I’ve followed Nat for a few years, and it has been great to see a fellow Latina mom grow into her motherhood role just like me. Her real and heartfelt posts always give me the feels when I’m struggling as a mom. Follow her for endless self-love and family content.


5. Alejandra | @alealealejandraaa.I

If you love a good aesthetic, Alejandra’s photos are absolutely breathtaking. She has great style and is also super positive about body confidence after having kids.


6. Jessica Simó | @ latinamomm

Jessica’s heartfelt posts about how motherhood has impacted her really touched me as a fellow young mama. Seeing her posts helps me remember how much I am doing as a mom and that I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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7. Janette | @jaycacinto

Janette is not only an amazing mom but also a talented makeup artist. So if you are looking for fresh make-up inspiration, her feed is what you need.


8. Cecy | @mama_cecy

Cecy’s posts are also always very beautiful, and her style is nothing but #goals. She is not only a beautiful mother of three but also a plant mom! Her page is always full of bright and fresh pictures offering a snapshot of her life. Her posts remind me of the beauty in the world even through trying times.

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