5 Motherhood TikTokers You Should Follow

A proud millennial, I swore I never would fall into the trap of TikTok, but after of few months of being isolated during the pandemic, I needed a new social media platform to browse that wasn’t 90 percent political campaigns or horrible news about COVID. I hesitantly downloaded the app and assumed it would be full of young kids just dancing, but soon found a safe haven of hilarious motherhood creators that helped me get through long days with two toddlers.

When I was pregnant, I found solace in the forums of my pregnancy app, graduated to Facebook mom groups soon after, and am now low-key obsessed with TikTok, and I don’t think I’m going back.



The quick 15 seconds to one-minute long videos are just the right length enough for my #mombrain attention span and are so real, compared to the heavily filtered grids on Instagram these days. I love laughing at moms playing pranks on their kids, or husbands, and seeing families coordinate viral dance moves across generations.

Soon I found myself up late-night laughing my face off at the antics of these 5 motherhood creators.


1. @flight.bae

DonnaMarie is a Latina flight attendant and mom of two young toddlers. I first saw her posts on my “For You” page doing hilarious skits. What I love most about her account is that she shows the versatility of being a mom. We can be funny, sexy, career-oriented, and be a mom.


@flight.baeBrb got to clean my entire house 🙃##grandma ##queen ##kids ##kidsoftiktok ##thequeeniscoming ##fyp ##fy ##mom ##momcontent♬ original sound – Megan🌻🌓⛈♋️


2. @chrisellelim

Pure elegance and style, Chriselle Lim mostly creates a lot of fashion content. I love her TikTok because she always looks so put-together, and it reminds me that it’s possible for moms to rock elegant looks.


@chrisellelimIn love with all these finds! Shop my small business gift guide on @amazon #ad @thenewsette♬ The Big Day – Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright


3. @danniharvey

Danni Harvey does not shy away from the very real and raw side of motherhood. She will make you laugh and maybe cry a little in a good way.


@danniharvey⚠️FUN FACT⚠️ How to tell if you are ready to have a baby🤔 #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #funfact #momlife #tiktokmom #psa #viral #writethelyrics♬ original sound – Danni Harvey


4. @bonnieleetoks

Bonnie Lee is a hilarious mom and content creator who has a slight obsession with Dunkin Donuts. Her stories of her Latina family members and white husband are the definition of relatable.


@bonnieleetoksCOX is the name, humiliation is my game! #cox #lastnames #namegame #fyp #MakeBakeShake #familytime #ScoobDance #gonnabefriends #healthheroes♬ original sound – Bonnie Lee


5. @mommmacusses

I just started following Gwenna Lauthland and am officially hooked on her funny videos! They’re addicting, so I can’t watch them at night or I’ll stay up wait too late. I love that she’s a little wild and a little wacky, yet still hits on relatable motherhood truths.


@mommacussesI’ll admit if I’m wrong. But I’m not wrong. #mommacusses #momlife #tiktokmom #honestmom #playdate #momsoftiktok♬ original sound – Gwenna Laithland


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