The LGBTQ+ Families We Love Following on Instagram

LGBTQ+ families on instagram

We don’t often think of Instagram as life-changing, but if you use it right, all that scrolling can amount to a healthy shift in perspective. After all, beyond the swoon-worthy photos of impeccably styled apartments and cute furry friends lies an opportunity to observe the way people live their everyday lives. 

Representation matters. Visibility makes a difference—even in our social media spaces. That’s why we like to keep our feeds very diverse and inclusive, including plenty of accounts from the LGBTQ+ community. Showing support from social is one small step we can take as part of a larger plan to continue fighting for the rights of all, no matter who they love.

To that end, we’ve rounded up eight totally joyful Instagram accounts that show LGBTQ+ families doing what families do best: loving one another. Read on for some of our favorites.


1. Jake Graf | @jake_graf5

Take a peek into the lives of British actor and transgender advocate Jake Graf, his wife Hannah, and their sweet baby daughter. Here, you’ll be treated to plenty of adorable family photos and insights into Jake’s life as a transgender dad.


2. Kaycee Pugeda-Lascano | @_kayceeplsc 

With this account, twin mama Kaycee invites us into her day-to-day with wife, Kim, and their two toddlers. Stop here for sweet family photos and a look behind the scenes of the couple’s YouTube channel, where they document their love for one another and the highs and lows of raising twins.


3. Krystian M. | @krystian_gabrielle

Raise your hand if sometimes all you wanna see is a photo of a joyful family loving on their toddler. If so, this account is for you. Scroll through Krystian’s feed, and you’ll find endless snaps of her beautiful little family—her wife Caitlyn, their toddler son, and baby daughter—in moments of pure happiness together. Krystian also lets followers in on the struggles of raising biracial children in our current cultural climate.


4. Terrell and Jarius Joseph | @terrell.and.jarius

If you don’t feel your heart swell with happiness after a quick scroll through this feed then it’s time to check your pulse. These two dads document their day-to-day lives with their two extraordinarily cute children—and they also speak out on issues of social justice and what it means to belong to two vulnerable communities.


5. Raffinee | @raffinee

A California-based mom of three, Raffinee fills her Instagram feed with sunshine-y shots of her wife Micaela and their three toddlers (who are 7.5 months apart!). Warm, uplifting, and always encouraging, Raffinee’s words often advocate for the visibility of LGBTQ families. She also invites readers in with her personal stories of coming out and conceiving via IVF.


6. Erik and Adam McEwen | @McHusbands

The McHusbands, partners Erik and Adam McEwen, created an Instagram feed that’s essentially happiness overload. If you need a good, joyful cry, look out for their video of meeting their newborn twins for the very first time.


7. Chloe Millar | @thelittleislandyogi

The Millers, Chloe and Jessica (@jessicakmillar), are moms to one young daughter, Rosie. Follow them on Instagram to for more on their love story, their fertility journey, plus a peek into life on Prince Edward Island, Canada.


8. Ari Kingman-Lithgow | @the_other_rkingman

Follow Ari and their spouse as they raise two gender neutral children, Finley and Henry, in Columbus, Ohio. Both little ones who have the coolest style!

This article was originally published in June, 2021 and has been updated for timeliness.

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