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6 Mom-Approved Outfits Inspired By the 2020 TV Characters We Loved

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Given all the, you know, staying at home that we did in 2020, I feel like I watched more TV than ever. I binged every new show on Netflix and Hulu like it was my JOB. Not to mention all the old shows I went back to (let me tell you: eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries was worth it).

Other than the sheer entertainment and escape from reality all of these shows provided, they also gave us some major fashion inspiration. In series such as Emily in Paris and The Queen’s Gambit, wardrobe and costumes were talked about just as much as the shows themselves, if not more.

While watching each of these shows, the thought “Wow, I’d really love to recreate this outfit” crossed my mind more than a few times per episode. So, we did just that. I searched the depths of the Internet for the best pieces to recreate looks from the TV characters (or, as I like to call them, fashion icons) we loved this year. Sorry to disappoint, but I have to give you a heads up: Carole Baskin didn’t quite make the cut.

Keep scrolling for six looks inspired by the characters we fell in love with in 2020—and yes, they are mom-approved! 


1. Beth Harmon, The Queen’s Gambit

Source: Netflix

sweater / trousers / coat / purse / loafers


2. Camille Washington, Hollywood

Source: Netflix

sweater / leggings / coat / booties / lipstick


3. Emily Cooper, Emily in Paris

Source: Netflix

sweatshirt / leggings / coat / sneakers / scrunchie


4. Mia Warren, Little Fires Everywhere

Source: Hulu

band tee / jeans / cardigan / headband / boots / hoops


5. Grace Fraser, The Undoing

Source: HBO

blouse / jeans / coat / scarf / booties


6. Princess Diana, The Crown

Source: Netflix

top / sweater / pants / mules / earrings


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