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8 Essentials to Pack for a Day at the Park With Your Kids

written by KATHY SISSON

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Source: Orione Conceição / Pexels
Source: Orione Conceição / Pexels

Going to the park rivals going to the library as one of the best free activities for kids. The park is one place where kids are supposed to run, climb, get dirty, and can even use their “outside voice.” When they’re really little, the park is also a place new moms can visit for a change of scenery—whether going for a walk or sitting on a picnic blanket.

Going to the park, though, can trigger stress in parents. So a little preparation for the park can go a long way. Many of us have been there for an emergency diaper situation—only to find you forgot the wipes. Many of us have experienced an epic toddler tantrum because we forgot to pack snacks. So, for the ultimate list to make your park visits more enjoyable, we rounded up eight essentials to pack for your trip to the park. As you’ll see, we kept in mind that you could be walking with a stroller or biking. So, everything should fit into a diaper bag, tote, or backpack. (Now, if only we could figure out how to avoid the kid meltdown when it’s time to leave the park.)


1. Snacks on Snacks

As we mentioned, snacks really make everything better. Crying kid? Have a snack. Need a breather from chasing a toddler around the park? Let’s take a snack break. Did I forget to eat lunch? At least you packed the kids’ snacks to munch on. And Cerebelly pouches and smart bars are our go-to for babies and toddlers.

Cerebelly was founded by Stanford PhD Neurobiologist (and mom!) Dr. Teresa Purzner. She created Cerebelly’s baby food with the optimal supporting nutrients little ones need for their growing brains. Cerebelly is also the first shelf-stable baby food to receive the Clean Label Purity Award certification.  This means it’s free of contaminants and heavy metals, and you don’t need a cooler to pack Cerebelly pouches for the park. Take advantage of their special offer by using code EVERYMOM20 for 20% off your first order!

Cerebelly bars
Smart Bars

Containing 15 brain-supporting nutrients, 0g of added sugar and 3g of protein, Cerebelly Smart Bars are an easy-to-pack healthy snack for the park.

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2. Sun Protection

For babies, shade at the park is always best. Brimmed hats can help cover little faces, and kid-safe sunscreen can protect their skin—especially if you’re visiting the park during peak sunshine hours.

pack for park
Rey to Z
Personalized Hat

Editor-favorite brand Rey to Z offers tons of adorable personalized hats kids will love to wear around the park.

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Target | Black Girl Sunscreen
BGS Kids SPF 50

This reef safe face and body sunscreen is made for kids of color as it soothes, moisturizes, protects, hydrates, and heals skin and doesn't leave a sticky white residue.

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3. Water Bottles

Keeping kids hydrated while they’re running around is important. So, grabbing a water bottle for the kids and yourself is key. Don’t forget to remind them to stop and take a drink.

Yeti rambler
Kids Insulated Water Bottle

This editor and reader favorite has an easy-to-carry handle and works for both cold and hot beverages.

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4. First-Aid Kit

Most boo-boos are easily fixed with a colorful bandaid—whether your child really needs a bandage or not. So it helps to bring a travel first-aid kit. Add hand sanitizer to the mix, and you’ll be set for any scraped knees, elbows, etc., that happen at the park.

pack for park
Target | Welly
Quick Fix Kit

This small sized kit includes 18 tie-dye colored flex fabric bandages in two sizes,
3 single-use triple antibiotic ointments, and
3 single-use hand sanitizers.

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5. Diaper Changing Supplies

My kids are well out of diapers, but I still keep baby wipes in my car. They help clean up dirty, sticky hands and are also essential for their intended use. Always have at least two extra diapers or pull-ups and a pack of wipes on hand for the inevitable dirty diaper. If your child is potty-training, it also doesn’t hurt to pack a change of clothes.

changing station
Diaper Changing Station

This changing mat also includes a spot for easy-to-access wipes storage. Plus it can easily fit in another bag or be clipped to your stroller.

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kids at the park

Source: Fabian Centeno | Unsplash


6. Travel Cooler

Now, if you’re planning to spend all day at the park—and eat a meal—bring a small travel cooler for food, drinks, bottles, or snacks. This cooler is small enough to fit in a wagon or in the storage basket under a stroller.

Skip Hop
Travel Cooler

This soft-sided cooler can fit two bottles or sippy cups—or use for snacks!

3 color available

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7. Picnic Blanket

Having a blanket allows you to have a spot to plop down little ones, and it serves as a home base for snack time. Choose one with a waterproof backing, so you don’t have to worry about dewy grass getting your blanket wet. Mom hack: If you’re visiting the park early in the morning or after rain, grab a beach towel, too, because you might need to wipe down wet slides or swings.

picnic blanket
Picnic Blanket

This extra large picnic blanket is water (and sand!) proof, offering plenty of room for crawling babies and picnic lunches.

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8. Spacious Tote

Because moms usually have to carry all the things, you’ll still want a tote or backpack to fit everything you’re bringing to the park. Whether this is your everyday diaper bag or a separate tote, having all your essentials on hand will make your park trip perfect.

Cinched Tote

Available in two colors—use this cinched tote for everything from trips to the park to trips to the gym. Plus, it's fabric is water-resistant.

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This post was in partnership with Cerebelly, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.