40+ Personalized Ornaments That Make Great Gifts

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Each family’s Christmas tree tells a unique story through the ornaments hanging on the branches, and adding personalized ornaments is a special way to commemorate big events and family happenings each year. Ornaments can also be special holiday gifts to memorialize milestones like baby’s first Christmas, moving into a new home, getting engaged or married, adding a furry friend to the family, or celebrating an ever-expanding brood of grandchildren. 

There are tons of personalized ornaments to choose from, and many of the ones we’re sharing below come from small businesses. These ornaments make amazing keepsakes for your own family or a thoughtful gift for others.

Here are more than 40 of our favorite personalized Christmas ornaments.


New Baby Ornaments

etsy personalized ornament
Etsy | Chic Mama Jewelry

Baby Stats Personalized Ornament

There is no better marker of a little one's first Christmas than this hand-sculpted and stamped ornament, which features their name, birth date, birth time, and more.

baby first christmas ornament
Pottery Barn Kids

Personalized Photo Frame Ornament

We know it'll be hard to choose the perfect baby pic from your phone for this easy-to-customize ornament.

baby first christmas ornament
Etsy | The Northern Pine

Birth Stats Ornament

Capture baby's birth stats on this laser-engraved wooden ornament.

Personalized block ornaments
Pottery Barn Kids

Personalized Baby Wooden Block Ornament

This baby block features customizations on each side, including:
- Child’s first initial
- Child’s full name
- Weight, length, date and time of birth
- Parents’ names
- Day of the week born and image of baby feet

personalized ornaments
Pottery Barn Kids

Baby's First Personalized Shaped Ceramic Animal Ornaments

This timeless teddy bear ceramic ornament will surely become a cherished keepsake.

New Home Ornaments

Etsy | Christmas by Design Co.

New Home Painted Ornament

Seeking an ideal gift to give your new neighbors? Looking for something to send to someone who recently moved? This custom new home ornament will turn their new house into a cozy, cute piece of decor.

personalized ornaments
Etsy | Ancypants

New Home Key Ornament

Unlock joy this holiday season by gifting this key-shaped ornament to anyone moving into their first home. The tag on the key can be personalized with their house number, street name, and the year.

personalized ornaments
Etsy | Story for 2

Custom Illustrated Home Ornament

Turn your house into a home by customizing this ceramic ornament with an illustration of your abode and your family name for a piece that will be a favorite for years to come.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Shop Inkpot

New Home Map Ornament

The heart marks the spot of a new or beloved home on this custom ornament.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Suburban Cowgirl Clay

Stamped Ceramic New Home Ornament

Minimalists will appreciate the classic stamped look of this ceramic new home ornament.

Engagement & Wedding Ornaments

personalized ornaments
Etsy | Hello Delicious

Personalized Glass Engagement Ornament

Chic and timeless, this glass ornament can be customized as an engagement or wedding gift.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Shop Inkpot

Wooden Calendar Ornament

The heart notes the unforgettable date of an engagement—married calendars also available!

personalized ornament
Etsy | Modern Xmas

Mistletoe Engagement Ornament

What's more seasonally appropriate than mistletoe to celebrate a newly engaged couple?

personalized ornament
Etsy | Bone and Darby Makers Co.

Custom Acrylic Marriage Ornament

This pine tree-themed newlywed ornament is simple and timeless—and we love the velvet ribbon!

personalized ornament
Etsy | Made by Darlings

Custom Married/Engagement Calendar Ornament

Remember the big day with this calendar-themed "just married" ornament.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Stitching Blooms Shop

Custom Embroidered Marriage Ornament

For the craft lover, this embroidered ornament is a fun departure from traditional Christmas tree ornaments.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Industrial Evo Design

Brass Stamped Couples Ornament

This shop uses stamped brass to capture the couple's name and special date in a classic, timeless way.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Customisity

Watercolor Just Married Ornament

Capture the year's big event with a custom watercolor portrait of the new couple—and maybe their pet too!

personalized ornament married
Etsy | Canis Major Studio

Wooden Marriage Ornament

Fully customizable for the new Mr. & Mrs., Mr. & Mr., or Mrs. & Mrs., this wooden ornament feels classic and modern at the same time.

Family Ornaments

Etsy | By Miss Sally

Personalized Family Ornament

This beautifully illustrated ornament can be designed with up to six people, and each character can be customized with different hair colors or poses, making for an incredibly detailed and thoughtful gift.

personalized ornaments
Etsy | Elise Canvas Design

Family Portrait Christmas Ornament

For a more natural look, these personalized wooden ornaments are perfect. Send in a picture of your family and pets to receive an adorably customized portrait.

personalized ornaments
Etsy | Bridesmaid Forever

Family Christmas Ornament

Personalize this ornament with your family's hair colors and pets. With hundreds of options to choose from, this ornament can be sent as a gift to nearly any family.

family ornament
Etsy | Stitch Fellas

Custom Stitched Ornament

Cute and unique, this handmade cross-stitched family portrait is destined to be a treasured heirloom.

Children’s Ornaments

baby's first christmas ornament
Etsy | Remember November, Inc.

Silhouette Christmas Ornament

These special keepsake ornaments are amazing for gifting to parents and grandparents alike. Customize with each little one's name for an extra touch of personalization.

baby's first christmas gifts
Lands' End

Personalized Photo Ornament

For photos of your family or portraits of your little one that are just too cute not to put on the tree, look no further than this picture frame ornament.

Etsy | elle + h co.

Personalized Sweater Ornament

Ugly Christmas sweaters are one of the best traditions of the holiday season. This customizable ornament celebrates this tradition with a name of your choice on a tiny wooden sweater.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Print Smitten

Silhouette Ornament

Cut from white wood, this ornament is amazing for immortalizing the silhouette of any beloved little one. Choose between two different design options to make it your own.

personalized ornament
Pottery Barn

Dated Enamel Photo Ornament

The easiest gift to personalize, just print out your favorite picture of your little one from the last year and insert it into the frame.

Multiple colors available.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Grey Creative Workshop

Child's Height Bear Ornament

The bear's scarf on this precious custom ornament can capture how tall your child was this year—just read the message on the back.

Etsy | Oriole Design

Personalized Name Ornaments

Collect the names of all your family members on these personalized Christmas ornaments. Choose from four different designs to switch up the appearance on your tree.

Vana Chupp Studio

Custom Silhouette Ornament

These gorgeous silhouette ornaments are crafted from sterling silver or brass, and they're a gift that will last a lifetime.

Ornaments for Grandparents

personalized ornament
Etsy | Tom Design

Custom Handwriting Ornament

Capture their artwork or sweet little scribble handwriting in an ornament you'll treasure as they grow.

personal grandparent ornament

First Christmas as Grandparents Photo Ornament

Mark the special year you or your parents became grandparents with this custom photo ornament.

personalized grandkids ornament
Etsy | Windyridge Design

Wooden Grandchildren Ornament

Which way to Grandma's house? This cute street sign design can fit up to 10 names.

personalized ornament
Etsy | The Salty Willow

Gingerbread Grandkid Ornament

Add up to 14 grandchildren and customize your grandparent's name with this sweet gift.

personalized ornament
Etsy | Bee Creative by Kama

Wooden Snowmen Grandchildren Ornament

Sentimental grandparents will love the saying on this customized ornament.

Pet Ornaments

pet ornament gifts for grandparents
Etsy | Christmas By Design Co

Personalized Pet Portrait Ornament

These hand-painted pet portrait ornaments are incredibly detailed and well-made, making them the perfect gift (or even just a treat for yourself in honor of your furry friend).

personalized ornament
Etsy | Me Time Stitches

Custom Cross Stitch Pet Ornament

Another custom work of art, these hand-stitched pet portraits are a thoughtful gift.

personalized ornaments
Etsy | Rigg Calligraphy Co.

Custom Dog Bone Ornament

These dog bone ornaments hand-painted with the year and a pet's name are an especially amazing gift for families with multiple furry family members.

personalized ornaments
Etsy | Wuv Pup

Personalized Dog Ornament

This ornament features an image of your pet encircled by a festive holiday wreath for a bit of personalized cheer on your tree.

Pottery Barn

Engravable Pet Ornament

We all know a pet lover who believes in only the best for their furry friend, and this engravable silver-plated doghouse ornament is sure to exceed their expectations.

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