5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Playroom Set-Up

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Before becoming a parent, I figured a playroom meant tossing a bunch of toys into a room and calling it a day. While this is one approach to setting up a playroom, once I had kids of my own, I took a more strategic approach to this room. Playrooms don’t need to be fancy, complicated, or full of expensive toys to be a great space.

What you do need though is a plan and a variety of items to stimulate your child based on their age and developmental stage. By properly setting up your playroom, you’re more likely to keep your child occupied and entertained, hopefully playing independently for hours at a time (a mom can dream, right?)

Not sure where to begin? Here are five things that make any playroom great.


1. Age-appropriate developmental toys

Give a child a toy with a specific use and they are likely to get tired of it quickly. Instead, think about toys and items that can be used in a variety of creative ways. This will encourage your child to be inventive in their playroom with imaginative play.

Open-ended toys stand the test of time. While a specific toy bought for a 2-year-old might only be exciting for a few months, a toy with multiple uses is likely to be enjoyed in different ways over the years. Check out some of our favorites below—our editors especially love KiwiCo’s cute and educational toys.


Cell Shape Sorter

Perfect for kids over age 1, this cell shape sorter helps children learn shapes, colors, and hand-eye coordination and is great for encouraging independent play.


Baking and Fractions Set

For kids over age 3, this baking set is for pretend play but comes complete with recipe cards so you can whip up real recipes as well.

Melissa & Doug

Bead Sequencing Set

Work on colors, shapes, and patterns with your little one thanks to this bead set.


Magnetic Tile Building Blocks

Kids of all ages love magnetic tiles, and this unique set will get a ton of use over the years.

playroom toys

Balancing Blocks

These balancing blocks are the perfect set for open-ended play.

playroom toys


2. A storage system for toys and books

Playrooms are going to get messy and it’s something you’ll need to accept. Don’t stress about staying super organized, but it can be helpful to purchase a few shelves and baskets to contain the mess when you want to straighten up.

playroom storage

4-Cube Storage Shelf

Use this cube storage shelf to house books and toys.

Remember to secure it to the wall for safety.


Pehr Pom-Pom Bins

Though playrooms are meant to be messy, grab a bunch of baskets and use them for quick cleanups when the mess gets to be too much for you.

playroom shelf
Pottery Barn Kids

Angled Bookcase

This stylish bookcase is perfect to house toys or books and will grow with your little ones.


3. Fun wall art

The walls of your playroom are the perfect place to add positive messages as well as a space for learning. Consider alphabet art, name designs, or anything bright and fun that brings the space to life. Though in the early years your little ones might not be able to read what’s on the art, eventually they will be able to.

You don’t need to spend a lot on art, and with affordable pieces (like downloadable prints on Etsy), you can easily swap it out over time if you want to change your playroom theme or advance it to match your child’s age and interests.

Etsy | Okien Studio

Set of 3 Nursery Wall Art

This wall art is perfect to encourage your kids to read and play.

Etsy | Yrsalka Design

Set of 4 Jungle Animal Prints

Jungle animals bring a fun theme to any playroom.


Bon et Beau Alphabet Poster

For your little ones learning their alphabet, this cute letter art is something they'll love.

playroom toys


4. A spot for coloring and crafts

A craft table for kids is a must-have and will get a ton of use over time. From the time your child first learns to sit in a chair up through the ages where they are doing art projects (and maybe even one day their homework), a play table is a great central item for a playroom.

play table

Sensory Play Table

This versatile kids' activity table includes spots for a paper roll, sensory bins, and more.


The Play Kit

This kit from Lalo comes with the table and a set of two chairs. Your kids will love to sit at this table for crafts, snacks, and more.


Mid-Century Table and Chairs

This table and chairs make for another great spot for your kids to craft at.


5. Big items for added excitement

To finish off a playroom, it might take just one big item to really give it that wow factor. You don’t need to have a bunch of big-ticket items, but consider one (perhaps given as a birthday gift) that your child will feel makes the space extra special. And remember, just because these items are big doesn’t mean they need to be expensive. Plenty of tents and play kitchens can be purchased at affordable prices.

pop up tent

Star Pop-Up Tent

Tuck this cute tent in a corner of your playroom. Your kids will be obsessed.

also available in pink

Pottery Barn

My Very Own Playhouse

This stylish and minimalist playhouse will seamlessly match any playroom.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef's Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

For kids who love to cook, this play kitchen is a must.

fort kit

Fort Builder Kit

Instead of buying a playhouse, get this fort builder kit and let your kids create their own fort.


kiwico logo

This post was in partnership with KiwiCo but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.