29 Removable Wallpapers, Decals & Wall Hangings to Spruce Up Your Kid’s Space

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When I pictured bringing my daughter home from the hospital and taking newborn photos in our home, I envisioned her perfectly designed nursery. I wanted a rustic, nature vibe with shiplap-inspired wallpaper (I may have watched a lot of HGTV while pregnant).

But then I remembered we lived in a rental, and chances are we’d move again in a year or so. As much as I wanted to wallpaper and to go all-out with the nursery design, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort. It would cost money and time to transform the room, and then more money and more time to transform it back to its original rental-ready look.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to choose between my dream nursery and an uninspired beige room. With removable wallpaper, decals, and wall hangings, I quickly learned that I could personalize the space without spending a ton of money or time, and could still stick to the rules of my rental agreement.

Whether you rent or own, removable wallpaper and decals are a fairly easy way to transform your kid’s space. Without the long term commitment of real wallpaper, you can swap it out as your kid grows and forms their own style. And as far as wall hangings go, there are endless designs that will give the space even more personality.

Below, we’re sharing 29 removable wallpapers, decals, and wall hangings, perfect for your little one’s nursery, big kid bedroom, or play space.


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