9 Steamy Games to Enjoy on Valentine’s Day

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, some of us may be wondering how to spice up date night with our partners, especially for those of us in the midst of parenting, with limited time set aside for intimacy. Valentine’s Day can be a perfect excuse to add sexy games to your repertoire. 

When it comes to heating things up in the bedroom (or any room), it can be helpful to add games or activities that can help you both break from routine. Sexy games can inspire new experiences that you and your partner haven’t tried together and take off the pressure of having to suggest something you want to try. Before we dive into the list, here are a few things you may want to prepare for your romantic evening along with your game(s) of choice.

  • Find a space where you don’t have to worry about interruptions (use the lock on your bedroom door!)
  • Have your favorite lubricant or sex toys accessible
  • Clean your bedroom in advance to help set the mood
  • Pick out a sex playlist 
  • Have birth control/condoms sorted beforehand
  • Have enthusiastic consent from your partner!

Now, you are well prepared. Here are some of the best steamy games out there for couples to try this Valentine’s Dayor whenever you want to try something new!


Kinky Truth or Dare

This steamier version of truth or dare is a great introduction to those interested in playing naughtier games. Each stick has a truth on one side and a dirty dare on the other, allowing couples to try new things and learn more about their partner.


Intimacy Deck

This card game has 150 ways to spark joy in your relationship with card categories that cover the past, life, intimacy, relationship, random, and about you. It's the perfect warmup for an intimate night together.


O-ing Tower

This sexy Jenga-inspired game will allow couples to try truth or dare, 27 questions, and 27 challenges together. It is perfect for both new couples and couples who have been together for years.


Tingeltouch Poker for Couples

This game can be played in two modes: the quick version, which is super simple to learn, and the advanced version, which requires more time, space, and preparation. I personally liked how the cards were gender neutral and that the reward cards include cuddle, strip, nude, hot, lust, and climax.

Or, remember, a deck of cards is all you need for a game of strip poker.

valentine's day games

Source: Cottonbro | Pexels


Hot Knots Beginner’s Bondage Game

For couples looking for the perfect excuse to try out bondage, this simple game comes with the basics that will make any Valentine's date more fun. The cards also include four ‘Switch cards’ that allow couples to change the dynamic of who is more dominant versus submissive throughout the game.


Oral Fun Board Game

For couples with a big appetite for oral fun, this can be the perfect addition to a Valentine's date. Depending on your preferences, this board game leaves room for couples to warm up to spicier content as well as gives new moves to try out.


Sexy Snap

This sassy game is a twist on another classic that can be fun for parties with friends or lovers looking for sexy laughs.


Monogamy Game: A Hot Affair for Couples

This board game will allow you to explore new things while encouraging time together with your partner. It does suggest a lot of food and alcohol, so I would definitely recommend that couples go through the instructions/cards so they can prepare items they want to play with.

Etsy | Why Don't We Nights

Why Don’t We?

This game has three different decks ranging from mild to spicy that will help couples have meaningful conversations as well as some hot games with your partner. I really enjoyed how it had different levels for couples to choose from depending on their preference at the time.

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