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Taylor Swift Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Little Swiftie


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Source: @mayra_smith_eventdesign
Source: @mayra_smith_eventdesign

Many children (and their parents) are firmly in their Taylor Swift era. While tickets to The Eras Tour weren’t in the budget for a lot of families, watching Taylor during the NFL season and watching The Eras Tour movie in theaters was a lot more attainable. Another way to celebrate your little one’s Taylor Swift fandom? Throwing an epic Taylor Swift kids’ birthday party to make your little Swiftie’s dreams come true. 

So if your child is in their Birthday Era, planning a Par-Tay, or Feeling 22 (even if they’re only 11), keep reading for all the Taylor Swift-themed games, crafts, birthday decorations, party favors, and more! With these Taylor Swift kids’ birthday party ideas, they’ll be sure to “remember this moment” and all the “magic you made.”

Taylor Swift Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

True Swifties know 13 is Taylor’s lucky number, a nod to her December 13, 1989 birthday. In honor of Taylor’s special day, we have come up with 13 of the best Taylor Swift kids’ birthday party ideas—from Taylor Swift party games to crafts that double as party favors.

1. Karaoke Sing-Along

No Taylor Swift kids’ birthday party would be complete without singing along to fan favorites. Get out of the karaoke machine and watch all your guests Shake it Off or tell you about their Cruel Summer.

2. Host a Movie Watch Party for The Eras Tour

True Swifites can’t get enough of The Eras Tour, where Taylor Swift is at her best. Stream the epic three-hour movie and gather around the TV to sing along with the birthday guy or gal’s favorites. Make sure you have room for a dance floor and, if they’re old enough, consider turning this idea into a Taylor Swift slumber party.

Plus, starting March 14, Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) movie will be streaming on Disney+.

taylor swift the eras tour movie watch party
Source: @janellemccleary

3. Dress Up in Your Eras Best

Taylor Swift may sing about dressing for revenge, but you and your guests can dress for fun—or a costume contest or fashion show. For many fans, dressing up in outfits inspired by their favorite era is an important part of the Eras Tour experience. Encourage your guests to dress as their favorite era and decide on a creative way for them to showcase their best threads. 

A cowboy hat, cardigan, heart-shaped sunglasses, and bejeweled “Lover” shirts are great props to have on hand.

4. Bejeweled Make-Overs

Taylor Swift is known for her cherry-red lips and sparkly costumes. Set up a beauty stand to give your guests a “bejeweled” makeover that would make Taylor proud with sparkly hair extensions, gem stickers, and more!

5. Make the Moment Last

Commemorate your Taylor Swift-themed party with plenty of photos, just like the Polaroids Swift created for her 1989 album. Instax cameras are a great choice because guests can leave with a photo. Choose from the popular Instax Mini 12, which prints Polaroid-like photos that develop in seconds, or the Instax Link, which prints photos in Instax film right from a smartphone. It’s a great way to make the moment last—and the photos make great party favors.

Take it up a notch by adding a mirror ball or Taylor Swift photo booth props

taylor swift kids birthday party ideas
Source: Etsy | Occasional Paper Cuts

6. Make the Friendship Bracelets

Inspired by Swift’s song Your Own Your Own Kid, fans started making friendship bracelets to trade at The Eras Tour shows. Have plenty of beads on hand for guests to make their friendship bracelets—to keep or trade—and take home as a party favor.

7. Trivia Time

Gather Swifties around for an epic trivia contest. Start slowly by asking guests which color represents each of Taylor’s eras. Or, challenge them to name all of Taylor’s records in order or identify obscure lyrics. Cheat with a book of Taylor Swift facts.

8. Play Taylor Swift Mad Libs

Even Mad Libs isn’t immune from Taylor Swift-mania. Play the classic game with a Taylor Swift twist, and get ready for big laughs.

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♬ bejeweled speed up –

9. Easter Egg Hunt

True Swifites are obsessed over the Easter Eggs (AKA hidden clues) Swift hides in her videos and liner notes. Take a tip from Taylor and have an egg hunt any time of year. Stuff plastic eggs with friendship bracelets, of course. Other eggs could have small toys that represent Swift’s Eras. Use a tiny snake to represent Reputation, pastel hearts for Lover, and so on.

10. (Don’t) Speak Now Charades

Put a spin on traditional charades and ask your guests to act out their favorite Taylor song—just make sure it’s Taylor’s Version.

11. (We Never) Painted by the Numbers, Baby

If acting out songs isn’t your jam, try creating a Taylor Swift version of Pictionary with her songs. Or set out plenty of art supplies and let guests take their time drawing or painting the perfect Taylor Swift-inspired masterpiece or have little guests color some downloadable Taylor Swift coloring pages.

taylor swift kids birthday ideas
Source: @kelseyklos via #sharetheeverymom

12. Sitting There By the (Water) Bottle

Combine a party favor and activity in one. Give guests a reusable water bottle to match their favorite Era, along with vinyl Taylor Swift or bejeweled stickers.

13. Cricut Crafting

Parents can helm a mini-cutting machine like the Cricut Joy or Cricut Joy Xtra as a great activity that doubles as a way for kids to make their own party favors. Swifties can choose projects based on their favorite era to make cut-out Lover hearts, Reputation snake stickers, or paper guitars. Alternatively, a Cricut Mug Press is a fun way to send kids home with a custom Eras-themed mug that they designed themselves.

What to Serve at a Taylor Swift Kids’ Birthday Party

Wondering what food to serve at a Taylor Swift party? We’ve got some of the cutest T-Swift drinks and snacks kids will love.

taylor swift birthday cookies
Source: @kelseyklos via #sharetheeverymom | Cookies by: @royallyiced

Beverages (Taylor’s Version)

When it comes to drinks, they have to be Taylor’s Version. Swiftie-mania has spawned an entire genre of new cocktails inspired by Taylor Swift songs, most of which can be adapted for the under-21 set. Lavender Haze lemonades and Love Story mocktails deserve a place at every Taylor Swift birthday party.

Chicken Tenders and (Seemingly) Ranch

It doesn’t get more kid-friendly than chicken tenders, fries, and everyone’s favorite dipping sauces, inspired by Taylor’s game day snack that went viral last year.

Marshmallow Friendship Skewers

Using an edible ink pen, TikTok user @itsgillean made these adorable marshmallow skewers that look like friendship bracelets that could be a cute party favor or snack at a Taylor Swift kids’ birthday party.

Taylor Swift Cookies

For a treat that can double as a take-home party favor, consider hiring your local bakery to make some adorable T-Swift-themed cookies like hearts, cats, and more! Or if you’re a baker yourself, get creative. Decorating the cookies could even be a fun party activity for your guests.

Taylor Swift Birthday Party Decor

Because you have to set the stage for any Taylor Swift-inspired birthday party, here are some of our favorite decor options to “make the whole place shimmer!”

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taylor swift kids birthday parties
Source: @mayra_smith_eventdesign

Taylor Swift-Themed Birthday Party Favors

No one says you have to send kids home with goodie bags or party favors, but these practical picks were too cute to pass up.

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